3 Budget Tips to Brighten your Bedroom

By admin / September 13, 2019

Your bedroom is probably the most used part of the house, and ironically, also the most neglected one when it comes to decoration. While we go to great lengths to get our showcase portion of the house right, bedrooms rarely get the same treatment. People often take the word “bedroom” too seriously and limit their upgrades to bed and bed mattresses.

Why deprive them the fun of upgrades? Bedrooms are your tranquil cocoons to unwind and energize the body and soul.

Many people restrain from working on the aesthetics of their bedrooms citing lack of finances to spend on it, having spent the money on bed mattresses. This is a common problem that does not need rocket science for a solution. We’ll go through 3 easy and budget-friendly tips for you to go through and transform your dull bedroom into a beautiful, lighter and brighter expanse.

– Light it up:

The first thought that strikes a chord when you think about brightening up your bedroom is to work on the lighting. Bedroom lights need to feel comfortable, cozy and homely without being too brutal on the eyes. Seeing your old room in a new light can be a refreshing change and such alterations are cost effective if you keep it limited to classy yet simple lamps and dimmer lights that can be adjusted according to your moods and needs. Try working on lighting fixtures yourself by indulging in DIY if possible in order to further reduce the costs. Smart lighting is a great option for conveniently modern bedrooms

– Mirror Magic:

Mirror mirror on the wall, brighten it up and wow all!

Mirrors can work wonders in dull settings if you are looking to add dimension to your room. The addition of that reflective dazzle and sparkle can raise the oomph factor. Not only will cleverly placed mirrors make your room brighten up, but can also make it look bigger than it is. You do not need to opt for expensive intricate mirrors. Just pay the nearest thrift shop a visit and find one that suits you the best. Even if the frames are not to your liking, DIY- ing is a great option to elevate it looks according to your tastes and preferences for free!

– Bring some floral life into your room

Potted plants don’t cost a lot and are great to bring your dull bedroom to life. They add freshness to the room and revitalize the surroundings. Potted plants for indoor environments are pretty low maintenance and can go a long way to enhance and lighten up your mood. Flowers in simple vases can enlighten the room and your mood. Houseplants are great at keeping air pollutants at bay and cleansing the stale, chemically air. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to acquire a plant. Either relocate one from other parts of your house or make one! It is easy as many plants can be cut and grown profusely in your bedroom. If typical pots are not your thing, take the quirky route and dish out old utensils, teapots, and cups, glass bowls, etc. to make the perfect vessel for your green companion.

These little adjustments in the bedroom can go a long way to take your bedroom aesthetics and experience to the next level. The secret is to indulge in more DIY projects which are not just fun to do but also save a ton of mullah.

If your bedroom still feels like it could use some more touch up, just go for a simple rearrangement of furniture. People often underestimate the difference new angles and placements can make to make the room look fresh and pretty.

Remember, your bedroom experience is more than just a bed and bed mattresses.


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