10 Easy Ideas for Affordable Bathroom Updates

By admin / July 2, 2018

10 Easy Ideas for Affordable Bathroom Updates

Bathroom updates do not have to break your bank account, here are 10 easy and affordable ideas for your bathroom updates.

Remodeling your current bathroom can be a cheaper alternative than moving into an entirely new home.

With a couple of quick fixes, you can take your current bathroom decor and renovate it into something completely refreshing.

Take the next steps to make your own bathroom updates with these 10 easy and affordable ideas for your master or guest bath right now.

1. Resurface Old Tile

One quick and simple fix for your bathroom? Resurface old tile. Over time, the tile in your bathroom will be worn down by constant contact with water and other products you use in your shower.

Instead of renovating the entire space, make a quick change by looking into resurfacing the tiles in along your bathtub wall.

These tiles are the ones that experience the most mildew and mold build-up, so you can remove a lot of unwanted bacteria once you eliminate the old tiles from your bathroom.

2. Refinish Your Tub

Replacing your bathtub can cost you way more than you ever expected. Instead of replacing the tub, refinish it.

If the problem you have with your tub is strictly cosmetic, you can easily reglaze it. You can go to your favorite local hardware store and pick up spray paint to permaglaze the tub yourself. Reglazing will take your old bathroom and transform it without costing too much money ripping out your unwanted bathtub.

Make this a fun DIY project to do with your significant other on the weekend and you’ll both be excited to see changes happening in no time at all.

3. Paint Your Bathroom Yourself

One of the most inexpensive ways to update your bathroom is to add a fresh coat of paint to the walls.

If all you need to do is paint a brighter color in your bathroom to feel satisfied, then do so yourself. Save time and money by finding the right color to match your bathroom decor and store the leftover paint can in your garage for touch-ups as the years go on.

4. Replace Vanity Tops

Another bathroom update idea involves replacing your current vanity tops for new ones. A lot of sleek and modern bathrooms include marble countertops with glistening soapstone sinks. Of course, if you need to find out more about soapstone sinks learn more here.

Install your own vanity tops to integrate an approach to modern living in 2018. Single-bowl countertops are easy and will last a long time.

Some cut-out vanity tops are available to make your life a lot simpler, too. Look for options with a generous amount of counter space as this can become a selling feature when it’s time for you to move out.

5. Maximize Floor Space

Looking for more floor space in your tiny bathroom? Eliminate the clutter with wicker baskets. Take out your old baskets and replace them.

If you don’t have floor space at all, look up. Target sells plenty of shelving units to give you the space you’ve been dreaming of. The options are also endless, so no matter what colors are included in your bathroom, you can find the best space savers to compliment the area.

6. Add Wallpaper

Another popular trick for adding life to your bathroom is wallpaper. Your bathroom is about to look chic with the addition of fun wallpaper as an accent. Wallpaper can be the one funky thing in your bathroom that gives the entire space more character.

Make sure the wallpaper you purchase is safe to remove so when you get tired of looking at it you can peel it right off!

7. Bathroom Updates Include Expanding Your Mirrors

Surround yourself with plenty of reflective mirrors in the bathroom. If you are limited to just one single mirror, why not expand? Mirrors are wonderful additions for any bathroom space!

You can even make the entire backsplash in your bathroom one gigantic mirror if that is more your style.

The concept of adding more mirrors will also make your small bathroom look much larger. It’s also more affordable than you think!

8. Change Out Knobs

Simple changes can also elevate the style of your bathroom. Changing out the knobs on your hardware, for example, can create a cool boho style in your bathroom. Look to places like Anthropologie for beautiful craftsmanship on the smallest objects, like knobs.

Anthropologie loves to pay attention to the little details in their products so it’s definitely a great store to check out when you are making bathroom updates to your home.

9. Make it Monochrome

Another idea for updating your bathroom is to go completely monochrome. Choose one color palette and go crazy finding the best ways to highlight that single color.

For example, you can choose white. Simplicity can look elegant with an all-white bathroom complete with white walls, white countertops, and an all-white bathtub.

10. Replace Your Shower Curtain

One final easy fix to make your bathroom look a lot cleaner is to replace your old shower curtain. You can pick up plenty of cute and affordable designs to spruce up your bathroom decor.

If you do choose an all-white theme for your bathroom you can always add a pop of color with the walk-in shower curtain of your choice. When you want to make subtle changes to your bathroom, starting with the least expensive options is a good idea.

Interested In Renovating Other Rooms In Your Home?

We hope this article teaches you a few easy tricks to renovate your current bathroom set up. Whether your guest bath or master bath needs some sprucing up, it’s important to come up with plenty of options before completely renovating the space.

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Bathroom updates can cost under $100-$500 if you stick to a budget.

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