What Are the Different Types of Scuba Diving That Exists Today?

By admin / June 24, 2022


Did you know that 71 percent of the earth is covered by water? With so many oceans, rivers, and lakes to explore, it’s no wonder that many of us are attracted to scuba diving—there’s no better way to explore the underwater world!

Whether you are new to diving or a pro, this post will help you understand the different types of scuba diving. So keep reading to learn more!

Open Water Diving

Scuba certification prepares individuals who love swimming underwater for open water diving. It’s apt for beginners if they stay above 60 feet and understand scuba diving essentials.

The best thing about open water diving is that you can do it nearly anywhere, such as the ocean or a lake. However, some sites are more thrilling than others, with the best being:

  • Mellow Yellow, Vatu-I-Ra, Fiji
  • The Boiler, Socorro, Mexico
  • Manta Night Dive, Hawaii, USA
  • Batu Bolong, Komodo, Indonesia.

Explore here if you want to learn about the best scuba diving locations.

Drift Diving

Drift diving involves letting the current carry you instead of planning where you want to go. If you want to try it for yourself, head to these popular sites:

  • Washing Machine, Bahamas
  • Jupiter, Florida
  • Clutha River, New Zealand
  • Blue Corner, Palau

Although this can be relaxing, it also requires knowledge since the current may take you to unexpected places. Thus, drift divers must be cautious, carry the right scuba diving accessories, and have good navigation skills.

Deep Diving

Deep diving is going over 60 feet under the water, and it requires special training and certification. This type of diving overlaps with cave and wreck diving since these are usually the sites of deep dives.

However, some divers prefer diving deep underwater to see extraordinary marine life. One of the best places to do this is at Darwin’s Arch in the Galapagos Islands.

Cave Diving

Cave and cavern diving are considered more dangerous because divers must find an exit to escape. If they lose their way, the consequences can be deadly. Thus, only highly skilled individuals should consider these ventures.

However, this type of diving is important and sometimes necessary for rescue or research purposes.

Wreck Diving

Wreck diving is a great adventure that allows you to see history firsthand. Many ships or structures have been underwater for decades or even hundreds of years, such as:

  • SS President Coolidge, Vanuatu
  • USS Spiegel Grove, Florida Keys
  • C-53, Cozumel

While you are unlikely to find antiques or treasures at most of these sites, you can observe the mechanical parts of the vessels or items they were carrying on their voyage.

Of course, caution is essential, especially when diving inside the wreckage of old and deteriorating structures.

Which Types of Scuba Diving Will You Try?

If you are a diver, you can have fun experimenting with some of the best types of scuba diving.

Of course, if you are new to this hobby, be sure to get your certification and plenty of experience before trying other types. And, before you dive in, be sure to stock up on the best scuba diving equipment!

If you would like to learn more about scuba diving and other water sports, browse more of our content!

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