Things That Annoy In Online Gaming

By admin / October 10, 2018

Go to the site, choose your favorite slot machine, make a bet, choose autoplay mode, drink coffee and enjoy the gameplay. It will not surprise anyone in the 21st century that you can simply use your computer to play your favorite casino game. A few decades ago, you could do this only by visiting a real gambling establishment. Times change, but does everything just get better?

Now the Internet is crowded with sites of the gambling industry. Each such site offers various conditions for its customers, such as bonus offers, a meager or extensive collection of games, provider quality, compatibility with mobile platforms, the opportunity to become a VIP club member, instant or annoying slow processing of withdrawal requests, and much more. Someone is doing things better, some are worse, but there are some disadvantages to any online casino site and it is true. Fortunately, every gambler can get acquainted with detailed and honest reviews of Gambling Sites and choose the best option for himself. Here you can find information about the best online casino sites. Although these sites have things that annoy in online gaming, but they are kept to a minimum.

Now let’s reflect on what many gamblers do not like and even annoy them in online casinos. We will consider some common points.

Things that Annoy in Online Gaming
Since there are too many online gambling sites, their owners are given two difficult things: to attract a new customer, to make him become a regular player. It is therefore necessary to make every effort to have at least some advantage over the competitors. Recently, studies have been conducted, which made it possible to make a list of the most annoying things in online gambling.

1. Lack of language localization
English is known to almost everyone, so the English-language interface of the gaming application is unlikely to cause problems for anyone. But when players from non-English speaking countries have to deal with the rules of using the site, which are written in a complex legal language, everything becomes much more complicated. Some sites offer multi-language versions of the interface, but translations have been performed with a lot of errors. This greatly irritates the gamblers and causes them to distrust.

2. Lack of Autoplay Mode
This problem is more concerned not with the gambling sites themselves, but with software providers which forget to add the appropriate button to their slot machines. Any gambler will say how tired he is of constantly pressing the Spin button without changing the amount of the bet and the number of play lines. The ability to make 10 spins at once, during which the player can be distracted by other things, such as a cup of coffee, would greatly simplify the gameplay. Fortunately, the lack of autoplay mode is not characteristic of the best software manufacturers in the industry.

3. The Fixed Number of Paylines in Slots
Modern video slots boast a large number of game lines. However, some developers offer, for example, 20 or 40 paylines, which must always be in active state. Such slots can no claim to be penny slots, even if the bet amount per round starts at 1 cent. After all, the total bet on the game round will be equal to the product of this 1 cents and the number of game lines, for example 20 cents or 40 cents.

4. Minimum User Settings
Such things as adjusting the color gamut, setting limits for autoplay mode, running the game in window or full-screen mode, selecting the speed of rotation of reels, adjusting the sound make the gameplay much more comfortable. These settings are not available in all games. Because of their lack players want to choose another gaming application or another gambling site.

5. Obsessive Video Clips
Introductory video clips are spectacular and complement the gameplay. However, after the fifth or tenth viewing they are terribly bored and start annoying the player. The option to disable video clips must be available in the settings section of any gaming application. This is a very common problem. Therefore, it was rendered as a separate thing that annoy in online gaming.

6. No Mobile Support
Most Internet users use mobile devices to read news, communicate in social networks, watch videos and even for online games. Some gambling sites do not have a mobile version, and this is their biggest drawback, as they lost most of the audience.

However, solving the problem is not limited to creating an adaptive website design. All gaming applications should also be adapted to run on mobile devices. And this cannot boast of all modern gambling sites.

7. The Withdrawal of Winnings
Carefully read the rules that online casino owners set for their customers. The processing time of the withdrawal request must be regulated by Terms and Conditions. This will seem surprising, but some gambling sites can delay payments up to 3 months! Always read reviews in order not to encounter fraudulent or unscrupulous gambling sites.

8. Complicated Wagering Terms
One of the most powerful incentives for gamblers (especially beginners) is a generous welcome package with bonuses. But do you need these bonuses? Maybe it is better to make bets with using your own money? If the rules set out complex requirements for wagering, for example, over 50x, it is better to reject the welcome pack, especially if you are a beginner.

These are not all things that annoy gamblers, but we have considered the most important of them. When choosing a site, pay attention to all aspects that seem important to you. Read reviews that detail all pros and cons of gambling sites. We also recommend choosing game applications that offer a free demo mode. So you can get some experience before you start making bets in real money.

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