These Are the Key Things to Know About Boat Maintenance

By admin / August 16, 2020

There were about 280,000 powerboats sold in 2019. These ranged from jet skis to 32-foot cruisers. It’s a dream for many people to own a boat.

There’s something about being free, moving fast along the water that gives people an unbeatable feeling.

What many people don’t realize is that boats need a lot of maintenance. Your boat could spring a leak, or the engine could break down while you’re on the water.

Keep reading to learn how to maintain a boat and make sure that it’s reliable for years to come.

Read the Owner’s Manual

Your boat owner’s manual will provide a lot of information and how to maintain your boat. Depending on your boat, they may contain information about the engine and replacement parts. The manual could also have information about the boat’s plumbing and upholstery.

If your boat is an older boat, it may not have a manual. You may need to contact the manufacturer to see what the engine specs are and how it needs to be maintained.

Check the Engine Often

The engine is what you’re going to keep an eye on most often. Listen carefully for any unusual sounds, which can indicate engine trouble. You’ll also want to check the engine oil often and top off when you need to.

The owner’s manual will have information as to how often you should change the oil and what type of oil you need.

Clean the Exterior of the Boat

The most obvious thing to do is to clean the boat. You can start with the interior surfaces that are exposed to the elements. These are usually full of saltwater that can corrode the surface of the boat.

You want to clean the exterior of the boat as much as possible, too. If you have an aluminum boat that you bring out of the water, it’s much easier to clean the bottom of the boat.

If your boat is docked for the entire season, you’ll need to wait until the offseason for a good hull cleaning. There will be bacteria and barnacles on the bottom of the boat that need to be removed.

Create a Boat Maintenance Checklist

One handy tool that you should have is a boat maintenance checklist. This can be divided up into sections, such as things to do before you launch, what to do after each outing, and what to do in the offseason. You may want to add a monthly or weekly checklist of tasks to make sure the boat is running smoothly.

You can keep the boat maintenance checklist in a dry compartment near the cockpit. This will keep it accessible and you’ll know what tasks were accomplished when.

Of course, there are mobile apps that will help you keep track of these tasks. The BoatApp helps you keep your important boat-related documents, checklists, log, and tasks in one place.

Easy Boat Maintenance

Owning a boat is easy. Maintaining the boat isn’t always easy.

These boat maintenance tips will give you the tips and tools you need to keep your boat running flawlessly for years. It always helps to keep a checklist for boat maintenance to keep track of your tasks.

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