How to Write a Professional Essay about Your Hobby

By admin / February 18, 2019

When you receive an assignment to write an essay about your hobby it looks like apiece of cake. It is an essay about you, it is an essay about something you like and know about — what not to like about it? We can’t argue, it is a rather pleasant task, but it has some hazards you need to consider.

Writing a professional essay about your hobby can take more time than you think, because you have too much information at your disposal.

  • You simply can’t choose what to write about exactly and later spend hours on cutting and editing.
  • You write to personal — it is not a letter to your friend, it is an academic assignment and it is better not to forget about it.
  • Your writing lacks global perspective. Writing about your hobby, not being a professional essay writer, you tend to get obsessed with some details which are valuable for you, but for others they simply have no meaning and can only harm the structure of your essay.
  • You think it’s a too easy assignment to deal with, and decide to write it just before the deadline, which means you will most probably write in a hurry and compromise on quality.

Before you start writing, take a closer look at these essay writing tips. If you decide you don’t want to waste time and energy on following all these rules, you can always order a professional essay about your hobby online from a reliable essay writing service with affordable prices and fast delivery. However, let’s start with tips.

Choose the Most Interesting Hobby

Of course, you are not supposed to lie about having some super interesting hobby just for this essay. However, if you have several hobbies it will be very beneficial if you choose the least banal and mediocre one. For example, you like reading and you collect rare coins, know their history, etc. It would be better to write about coins, because it initially provokes more interest among readers.

Write with a Broad Audience in Mind

It is obvious, that your essay will be basically read only by your professor. You should not think about it when composing your hobby-related masterpiece. You need to imagine your audience like readers of a popular blog on the matter and make them interested in your story. If you can please that crowd in your head, you will be able to impress your single professor. The styles of blogs and academic papers differs, but the main principles of making people engaged with your writing.

Read More than You Write

Writing about your hobby, spend some time reading about related studies and facts. Even if it is a reflective essay and you need to focus on your own experience, it won’t hurt to add some interesting facts and ideas. Remember, your essay should not be dry, it should make people engaged. They should learn not only about your hobby, but, for example, who else in history had this hobby. How does this hobby affect your cognitive abilities, your health, your motivation?

Don’t Try to Look Perfect

It is all about perception. Looking perfect is never good. No one is interested in perfect people. Tell readers about the dark sides of your hobby. For example, you love reading, but you spend hours in bed with a book, without physical exercises, eating pizza. Is it good for your health? Hardly. Or you are interested in jogging. Sounds very healthy. But sometimes you spend too much money on equipment and your friends got truly bored of listening about your running competitions, interval trainings and sportswear.

Proofread and Submit on Time

Probably you think that it is the most obvious and boring advice ever. Maybe it is, but you can’t even imagine the amount of students violating this rule. As it was said in a very good movie “procedures only work if you follow them every time.” Follow these procedure without exception. Our brain can’t be creative and suspicious at the same time. It means that when you engage in creative writing you make mistakes. And later you need to turn on your suspicious mode and check everything meticulously. Good luck!

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