Travel like a Local: Top 10 Hidden Attractions and Things to See in France

By admin / February 18, 2019


If you’re making a trip to France, do you know what hidden attractions there are? You don’t want to plan a trip that misses local favorites. Sure, climbing the Eiffel Tower is a bucket list idea, but there are tons of other gems. Keep reading this guide to know what things to see in France when you’re there traveling. 

10 Things to See in France 

France is packed with both things to do inside the cities and outside. Don’t be afraid to explore, get lost, meet new people, and have fun!

And if you see something cool but don’t see it on our list, share it with us on social media!

1. Beauty and the Beast

The Disney classic has french lines scattered throughout the film. But did you know Belle’s home village is based on a real-life inspiration? 

Now you do. And now you want to go there, right? 

Welcome to Conques, France. 

Dance through the streets, swing from poles, belt out Belle and say “Bonjour” to your friends and family. 

Just don’t act too much like a Disney princess or people will know you’re not a local

These streets are filled with delight that is sure to fill the memory of children and adults. Add it to your list to inspire a little magic in your traveling adventure. 

2. The Palace of Versailles

The art around France is some of the best in the world. As you probably imagined, with buildings like The Louvre. 

Take in the art, culture, and architecture of other famous landmarks too, though, like The Palace of Versailles

A royal palace brought in by Louis XIV, this now-museum is packed with history and beauty. 

We would recommend the Hall of Mirrors (because doesn’t that sound incredible) and taking a peek at the Queen’s Bedroom (because wouldn’t you want to see that?) 

Also the gardens. Get lost in those and you’ll feel like your in a storybook!

3. Smell the Lavender? 

Lavender is one of the most peaceful flowers on the face of the earth. Could you imagine walking through a purple sea while resting on a vacation? 

The Provence Lavender Fields are a treat for pictures and lunches. And the Provence area also offers treats like local-made truffles! 

Add Provence to your list if you’re looking for a day to catch your breath, enjoy some sights, and save some moments you’ll never forget. 

4. Hiking Mont-Blanc

Did you know France has mountains? 

Like real mountains. 

The Eiffel Tower often pulls so much attention that people forget about the rest of the country, where in fact there are mountain ranges.

We’d recommend checking some of these out, especially Mont-Blanc. If you add this to your list, take a wild visit to Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. 

For those into skiing or snowboarding, this is a must add to your vacation if weather allows. If not, the views and the hikes are all worth it. 

5. Carcassonne Castle

A fortified city surrounded by a castle? 

Something that’s a part of UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites

What’s loved about this place is that you can travel around at your own pace like it’s some giant, amazing tree fort-thing — or you can have a pro-guide lead you through with audio. 

But that’s not even the coolest part.

Ready for this…

Every summer they do the Festival de Carcassonne where the entire month of July is packed with performances. Whether you enjoy theater, live music, or classical concerts, there’s something for you. 

Think about telling all your friends about it — you saw a concert — in a castle! 

6. The Louvre is More Than Just the Mona Lisa 

Like The Eiffel Tower, the Mona Lisa is a must see if you go to France. But don’t go to The Louvre just to see the Mona Lisa.

Famous art from around the lives in The Louvre, so make sure you pencil out a day to really roam the halls and the rooms! 

Because the building has so much to offer and can get a little confusing, we’ve done some research and have a helpful guide for things to do and see in The Louvre.   

7. Cliffs of Etretat

Normande is another popular site because of it’s World War II connection. But while you’re visiting things like Mont-Saint Michel, add the Cliff’s of Etretat in too. 

These have had similar effects and photo opportunities as the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. People travel to Ireland just to see those, why would you pass these up?

After a day of seeing lots of history, famous monuments, and hiking cliffs like these, there’s also a lot of great local towns you can stop through for relaxing dinners and delicious wines for romantic date nights

8. Strasbourg Cathedral

This Cathedral might not be as famous as Notre Dame, but it certainly has a lot to offer. 

Climb up over 300 steps to get a spectacular view of the German-themed land below. 

This cit is unique for travelers because it’s a European College city. If you’re coming from The States, you might not think of places with inner-city-rivers and old architecture as hip and youthful, but Strasbourg is.

While the walls may be aged, the young, vibrant hearts of college students keep the city on its toes.

Check it out if you’re looking for something both aesthetically pleasing while also being loads of fun. 

9. Go Canyoning

As you already know, France isn’t all bistros and city streets, it has a wild side. 

We recommend taking a leap and testing some of those out. In particular, go Canyoning in Nice. 

There’s something freeing about jumping off a cliff and into blue waters, especially if you’re surrounded by forests! 

In the middle of your touring and site seeing, add something like this is in for a splash of fun.

10. Cannes Beach

Every vacation needs a day at the beach. When in France, we recommend Cannes. 

Home of the Cannes Film Festival, this city is a must stop on your vacation. The beach is world popular as well, and a great addition if you’re looking to kick your feet up and enjoy the sound of crashing waves. 

More Traveling

If you’re looking for more travel tips or spots to check out, head on over to our travel blog where there’s tons of content. From those bistros to cafés, there’s always more things to see in France!

If you have a trip coming up, or have a dream trip request, feel free to reach out an contact us. We’d love to put a guide together for your ideas! 

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