How To Choose The Best Ruger 10/22 Scopes?

By admin / October 26, 2020
Black Rifle With Scope and Brown Gig Bag

Have you recently purchased a Ruger 10/22? Before using this semi-automatic rifle on your next hunting expedition, you are supposed to equip it with the essential accessories.

A high-quality scope should be the first consideration of Ruger 10/22 owners, as it affects the precision of one’s shots. Given the extensive range of such devices in the market, hunters should consider the most important features, such as magnification, scope image, and durability.

Black Rifle With Scope and Brown Gig Bag

The following tips will help you choose the best optic for your Rugger 10/22.

Consider magnification

The shopping journey for such an aiming device should start by choosing the right magnification, which refers to the optic’s power. The more powerful the scope, the better the chances of shooting small-sized targets. Therefore, hunters aiming at problematic wild animals of small size are advised to purchase a model with a magnification range of 20x.

Nevertheless, not all shooters are interested in small targets, which is why the optimal magnification range is between 10 and 16x. The best way to determine the right range for your Rugger 10/22 scope is by considering the type of wild animals you are most interested in hunting. Click here to check out some useful tips about using a rifle scope.

Check the scope image

Another significant consideration when shopping for a Rugger 10/22 optic is the scope image featured by the device. In order for a shooter to have a clear vision when looking through the lens, the image has to provide an optimal amount of brightness and contrast. Keep in mind that models with high magnification provide an image of lower quality when compared with those with high power.

Moreover, optic image quality is determined by three factors, those being the glass quality, lens, and lens coating of the device. Models with low-quality glass are considered useless accessories, as shooters can’t see clearly through the lens. Additionally, the lenses are supposed to be sized in accordance with the magnification of the device. Keep in mind that large lenses are more challenging to mount than small-sized models.

In terms of lens coating, make sure you choose a multicoated device. The lenses coated with multiple chemicals are believed to provide a much clearer day and night vision when compared to those with a single coating. The presence of more chemicals in the layer enhances light transmission and reduces glare, hence resulting in a clear picture.

Consider turrets and reticles

Complexity is yet another point to take into account in the course of your buying journey. When looking for the best scope for Ruger 10/22, one is supposed to choose a durable model with easy to adjust turrets. Their purpose is to zero the scope of the rifle until it’s focused right on the target, hence improving the shooter’s precision.

When it comes to choosing the right reticle, shooters are encouraged to purchase a bullet-drop compensation (BDC) model. These reticles differ in pattern from the standard variants, as they inform shooters where the bullet will drop at a given range. It’s like the main reticle is composed of a myriad of other smaller reticles that serve as aiming points for shooters.

In contrast, most hunters consider sniper-type reticles less convenient, as these aren’t recommended to be used in harsh winds. They don’t provide enough wind compensation, which in turn affects precision.

Check durability

Durability is an incredibly important factor to take into account. Given the high risk of accidents, Rugger 10/22 owners are advised to choose the sturdiest scope possible. Consequently, the device is supposed to be shockproof, weatherproof, and resistant to scratches. In order for the optic to handle all types of harsh weather, it has to be waterproof.

Furthermore, oxygen is used to seal the device so as to protect it against different weather elements, such as heat, rain, fog, and snow. This element impedes moisture and dust to affect the material. Steel and aluminum are believed to provide the best ruggedness. Make sure you go to the following link,, to check out the most important properties of aluminum.

Final word

Make sure you buy a powerful, durable, multicoated optic to bring excitement to your hunting adventures!


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