Top Tips For Finding The Right School

By admin / June 11, 2018

When it’s time for your child to start school, you need to look around extensively to appreciate what each place has to offer you and your family. Ultimately, you need to find somewhere that is going to help your child blossom and receive a well-rounded education. There are a series of questions you need to ask yourself and your child before going through the application process, and some of these are: does your child need a more structured environment? Do they like to work in groups or separately? What courses does the school offer? How far away are you willing to send your child? Last but not least, what academic reputation does the school enjoy?


If you’re considering the possibility of sending your kids to a private school, then find out first if you can afford it. School fees can be expensive, especially if you plan for your child to board there as opposed to attending as a day student. Often private schools feature smaller pupil numbers than state schools and could be a good option if you feel your child will benefit from learning in smaller classes and more insular lessons. If you’re looking at privately funded schools, then find more out about Long Close Private School in Berkshire which enjoys premium facilities, outstanding nursery provision, and a reputation for academic success.

Consider Distance

Calculate how far your home is to the schools you’re considering, and bear this in mind when you’re narrowing down your final choices. Even if your children will be lodging at their school, it’s useful to know how easy it would be to reach the place in the event of an emergency. So with this in mind, figure out how far each place is before you reach accessible transport routes and the nearest airport and train station. Ask your child if they’d be happy to see you and the rest of the family less regularly, and make an informed decision from what they tell you.

Creative Arts And Sports

Find out which schools in your area excel in different fields. For example, if your child shows a particular penchant for music and learning to play musical instruments, then try and find a school that enjoys excellent musical exam results as well and new and updated facilities. Sports facilities should be modern and expansive. If they’re not, then explore a little further to establish whether the school is currently underfunded. Try to avoid sending your children to underfunded or struggling schools, as they might be forced to close prematurely.

Go To Visit

Fortunately, many schools offer open days and taster days in which your child can attend the place for a day and see if they like it or not. Visiting days are hugely important and give your child and yourself a better of understanding of what can be expected. Kids can mix with students who already attend the school, as well as interact with prospective teachers and learning assistants. Discredit any schools that your children don’t like and wouldn’t wish to go to, as otherwise, you run the risk of them being unhappy.


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