Stubborn Seniors: Your Guide to Dealing with Aging Parents Who Won’t Listen

By admin / November 18, 2020

One thing that seems to come with age is stubbornness. Over 77% of adult children see their parents as stubborn older adults. If you find yourself in this situation, we’ve got good news. There’s hope!

If you’re having a difficult time dealing with stubborn aging parents then this quick guide is here to offer you some much-needed advice. Read on for some top tips to help communicate and cooperate with stubborn seniors.

Dealing With Aging Parents

There are several reasons why people become more stubborn as they get older. It’s important to take into consideration that they’re seeing things from further down the timeline. What might seem like a risk to you could be a rite of independence for aging parents.

Learning to hold understanding and compassion in one hand and frustration and your own opinions in the other can prove to be a tricky balancing act. But it’s not impossible.

Don’t Forget That They’re Adults

As our parents get older it can often seem that the roles are reversed. What they once did for us as children we can find ourselves doing for them. It’s easy to stop thinking of your parents as children in elderly skin at times.

It’s important to stop and take a rain check. They’re adults too. One of the main causes that aging parents can appear stubborn is because they don’t feel like they’re being treated as adults.

Choose Your Battles

Constant nagging never won anyone over. There are going to be issues that are of utmost importance to your parents’ overall safety. These should take priority. No matter how many issues you might have on your list it’s paramount that you don’t bombard them with them all at once.

It might be great if your parents took on a personal trainer or finally got round to updating their phones, but make sure you know the difference between beneficial and essential before you start voicing your concerns.

Empathize With Their Situation

Growing old and losing independence isn’t easy for anyone. Dementia, mental health problems, and physical deterioration can take their toll on aging parents. When you’re discussing matters with your parents take the time to see things from their point of view.

Try to understand the motivations behind their actions and decisions. Stubbornness can often come from not feeling understood.

Be Honest and Open

Make sure that you let your parents know exactly how you feel. Don’t just tell them to do something or stop doing something. Let them know how it’s emotionally affecting you. People are more likely to cooperate with you if they realize that you’re coming from a place of concern and not just barking orders at them.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Trying to reason with stubborn older adults can be difficult. You might feel like you’re fighting a losing battle despite your best intentions. It’s important to remember that you’re doing your best and don’t beat yourself up.

If it feels like it’s getting too much then it might be a good time to explore caregiver options. A caregiver can help with the day-to-day tasks so you’re free to focus on the bigger decisions.

Don’t Stop Listening

Whatever happens, never stop listening. Your aging parents have dedicated a large amount of their adult life to helping you grow and develop. No matter the stress and difficulties remember that the bond between parent and child -no matter at what age- is one to be cherished.

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