Exploring the Language of Flowers: A Guide to the Different Types of Flowers and Their Meanings

By admin / November 18, 2020

A variety of flowers in a bouquet is a beautiful and meaningful gift to give. Did you know that there’s meaning to the types of flowers selected to create certain bouquets? That’s right!

When choosing different flowers to place on your dining room table, put together in a bouquet as a gift, or when giving to someone for other reasons, you should know the types of flowers and their meanings. When you understand flower meanings, you can then be sure to select the right ones for the occasion.

To begin learning about flower symbolism, continue reading below. Here’s a guide on the meaning of flowers!

The Tulip

Tulips were brought into Europe during the 16th century and originally got their name from the Turkish word for the material (gauze) used to wrap turbans. In more recent years, tulips have developed a meaning of love. The color of the tulip has some effect on the meaning as well.

For example, the yellow tulip symbolizes hopeless love. Because of their bright yellow color, they also symbolize sunshine and cheerfulness. Red tulips symbolize perfect and true love, which makes them a great gift for a lover!

The Rose

The Romans and Greeks once associated the rose with Venus and Aphrodite. Both were goddesses of love. Today, a red rose symbolizes passion and strong love. The yellow rose has a meaning of joy or friendship.

A pink rose will show someone you’re appreciative and grateful. Roses come in a variety of colors, so make sure you know the meaning behind that specific color before you choose it.

The Daffodil

Because daffodils are associated with the spring, they’re known for new beginnings or rebirth. Daffodils can also represent good fortune when given to someone. You’ll want to make sure you give them as a bundle, however.

Some believe that giving only one daffodil is a symbol of misfortune.

The Sunflower

The sunflower was first grown in Central and South America. The reason for growing them was to provide the people with both food and oil. As time passed, however, the beauty of the sunflower captured the attention of many.

Today, the sunflower symbolizes happiness!

The Snapdragon

The snapdragon flower’s botanical name is antirrhinum, which means nose-like in greek. This name is perfect for the snapdragon because of its nose-like shape. Today, the snapdragon refers to graciousness.

They’re also the perfect flower to add to a bouquet if you want to give it some height.

The Sweet Pea

The sweet pea originates in Italy. A Sicilian monk sent the seeds of this flower to England, and its journey began. Today, the sweet pea symbolizes the departure after having a wonderful time.

They can also mean bliss or pleasure. Because of this, they’re a wonderful addition to any wedding bouquet.

The Lily

Lilies date back to 1580 B.C. and have had a role in ancient mythology. Today, there are several different types of lilies. The White Calla Lily symbolizes innocence, purity, beauty, and even magnificence!

This is why many people choose to have the White Calla Lily at their weddings. The Pink Stargazer Lily symbolizes honor, aspirations, wealth, and prosperity.

The Peony

There are several different meanings surrounding the peony. Some use this flower to symbolize shame or even bashfulness. At other times, the peony can be used to show prosperity or happy life and marriage.

Some bridal bouquets will use this flower for the later meaning.

The Orchid

In ancient Greece, the orchid was a symbol of manliness (having great strength and energy). Today, the exotic flower is a symbol of love, beauty, luxury, and strength! The beauty they symbolize is a delicate and rare one.

A flower that once had a more masculine meaning now has a more feminine one.

The Hydrangea

The hydrangea flower was first discovered in Japan. Later, it got its name from the Greek meaning of water barrel. The Greeks gave it this name because of its need for a plentiful amount of water.

Today, the hydrangea symbolizes gratitude. They stand for anything that’s heartfelt and genuine.

Flowers of Love

There are a few flowers that all symbolize love. The rose is the most common symbol for love, but there’s also the Carnation, which has different meanings of love depending on the color. There’s also the Dahlia, which symbolizes a never-ending bond of love between two people.

There’s also the red Camellia, which shows deep desire, passion, and love for someone.

Flowers of Empathy

Flowers of empathy or remembrance are ideal for memorials. Some memorial flowers would be the white stargazer lily, the poppy, and the statice. The poppy symbolizes consolation and remembrance.

The static symbolizes sympathy and remembrance, but can also symbolize success when used in other circumstances.

Flowers of Gratitude

When wanting to show your gratitude for someone, there are a few different flowers you can select from. For example, you can choose hydrangea, the pink rose, or the peach rose. The peach rose can be given to someone to show how much they’re missed.

The peach rose can also be used to symbolize modesty.

Do You Know the Types of Flowers and Their Meanings?

The different types of flowers and their meanings are essential to know when you’re planning to put together a bouquet for someone. Although all flowers are beautiful, not every flower works best in all situations. That’s why it’s best to have an understanding of their meanings beforehand.

After reading through this guide, you hopefully now know when to send or gift certain types of flowers.

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