How to Have the Best Movie Night at Home: 11 Fantastic Ideas

By admin / May 18, 2020

If you’re like most folks, you probably look forward to the weekend movie night at home. It’s the one time of the week that you can whip out the projector, hurdle with the family, stuff your body with unhealthy snacks, and enjoy a movie.

Just because movie night happens every week, doesn’t mean you can’t make it worthwhile. You need to spice up your movie night occasionally to stop it from being too routine. Also, you should consider having random movie nights like, for example, as your child’s birthday after-party.

You don’t need the latest TVs or expensive gizmos to make movie night a blast. However, one thing you certainly can’t skimp on is the snacks; cheap snacks ruin everything. If, for some reason, you can’t afford the good stuff, then consider making homemade snacks for your movie nights.

This piece will discuss how to have a fantastic movie night or nights for that matter. That way, you’re well prepared the next time you’re hosting a movie night for our family or friends.

How to Have an incredible Movie Night at Home

Watching movies at home is way better than doing the same at the movies. First, you don’t have to worry about sitting on the wrong seat, you don’t spend a bundle on the snacks, and lastly, you can wear your pajamas. If you want to spice up your movie night at home, here’s what to do.

1. Pick the Right Movie

We can’t overemphasize how important it is for you to choose the right movie. The movie you chose will make or break your entire movie night.

Here’s how you choose the right movie:

  • Consider the audience, for instance, nothing inappropriate for the kids
  • If you choose a classic make sure everyone agrees to it
  • Mix up your genre choice from movie night to movie night
  • Check movie reviews

If you can’t find the right movie, you should definitely consider an outdoor movie rental. That way, you can get your movie of choice delivered right to your doorstep.

2. Have the Sound on Lock

Sound will give the movie a more immersive experience, so it should also be a movie night priority. Try saving up for a good surround system, but if you can’t, strategically positioning your current speakers will suffice.

3. Comfort is Key

Comfort is at the core of any great movie night. Comfort is one aspect of movie night you can be creative with. You can get your blankets, duvets from the rooms, and spill them all over the floor.

If it’s not too much work, get one large mattress on the floor and buy some plushies. The mattress is great for restless kids and anyone in general. Just don’t get too comfortable and end up sleeping through the entire movie.

4. Get the Snacks Right

On movie night, it’s okay to go fully-fledged unhealthy on the snacks. Think along the lines of sugary treats, salty munchies, and lots of soda. Popcorn is mandatory, but if you want to be extra, you can consider other popcorn recipes for movie night.

5. Get a Projector If You Can

A projector is like a versatile TV that you can adjust its screen size to fit the audience and setting. Save up for your projector, and you’ll take movie night to a whole other level.

Projectors are ideal for outdoor movie nights, which we’ll talk about next. So save up and grab yourself a projector for less than a hundred bucks and get that at home movie theater experience.

6. Try an Outdoor Movie Night

An outdoor movie night is as exciting as it sounds. All you need is a projector, a painting canvas which costs about $20. Set up the seats, don’t forget about the blankets and watch your movie in the fresh and serene outside environment.

7. Get a Bean Bag for Your Feet

Not just any bean bag but the humongous ones that your feet can properly rest on. This bean bag is exactly what you need for optimum comfort during movie nights. If you get a very large bean bag, you can even share it with your seatmate on the couch.

If you’re in the market for such a bean bag, you can consider the bean bag ottoman, which is perfect for the job. If you can’t get one, then just put some pillows on the table.

8. Have the Right People Over

A rowdy crowd is never what you want for movie night. Of course, the occasional chit chat is allowed but not the Big-Mouth Bobs, who can’t stay silent. Lastly, you don’t want to invite anyone fond of dishing out spoilers every now and then.

If it’s a family movie night, then your hands are tied. However, just set some house rules, and everyone can enjoy the movie peacefully.

9. Get a Mini Fridge

It’s amazing how much technology has evolved these days. For about $60, you can get an Uber chill, which is a small portable fridge that heats and cools. For most movie night enthusiasts, this fridge is a must-have because no one loves cold tacos during movie night.

10. Set the Mood With a Scented candle

If you’re hosting a romantic movie night for just you and your significant other, then consider a scented candle. Most candles burn for a short time so as not to ruin the dark movie room. In just twenty minutes, the room smells amazing.

Scented candles aren’t limited to romantic movie nights. You can use these candles to cover up the spontaneous farts, which aren’t uncommon with movie nights.

11. Try VR Headsets

VR takes the togetherness aspect of movie nights, but it’s great for solo movie nights. You’ve probably heard of video game virtual reality; they’re also available for movies. With this headset, you can watch the movie wherever you want, just plop in your phone and earphones and you’re good to go.

Make Movie Nights a Blast With These Tips

It’s high time to switch up movie night at home and make it comfier, involving, techier, and also make it smell better. With these incredible tips, you’re now set to have phenomenal movie nights. It’s okay to spend a bit on movie nights; after all, it’s only once or maybe twice a week.

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