The Ultimate Guide to Buying Essays Online

By admin / August 20, 2019

Today, freelancing services are on the rise. There are millions of students around the globe and they have different academic complications. Some of them cannot be solved without a loss of time and strength. Therefore, buying essays online from a team of ENL writers is a great way out. Notwithstanding, there are many points one should consider before you choose a freelancer or freelance agency. Let’s see what a student should pay attention to in order to receive a worthy paper.

Conduct research

Your first step is to surf the Internet and gather some data. Visit informative resources, which give evaluation and rating of the top essay writing platforms. It’s necessary to visit every website. Find out the main advantages and disadvantages of this or that platform.

You can likewise hire a private writer. They can be also found on the Internet on advertising resources, blog posts on social media, and recommendations of your mates. However, freelance platforms offer a great choice and you have many more chances to find a helper who suits you perfectly.

It’s also vital to know the opinion of other buyers like you. Therefore, read customers testimonials and get in touch with them if it’s possible.

Shortlist potential candidates

You’ll definitely have multiple proposals and it may be difficult to choose the best one. Therefore, create a shortlist of the most perspective options. Base your rating on the opinion of other customers and rating agencies. Afterward, sort out all possible websites or individual freelancers. Divide them into categories:

  • Proposal. Attentively check the main qualities of an anticipated helper. Find out his/her majors, how quick he/she is, what are the main awards and professional qualities, etc. Make sure your helper can meet your demands at the fullest.
  • Profile. The profile of a writer reflects all his/her best traits. You can find the number of successfully completed orders, as well as the number of orders completed on time. Define the average rating amongst customers and other peculiarities.
  • Availability. Make sure your helper is available. Top writers are busy and have many orders. You helper is supposed to have enough time to manage your assignment.

Interview freelancers

Before you make the final bid, interview your helper. Get in touch with every potential candidate via phone or Skype. Ask about their personal and professional traits and priorities. Ask for official proofs about their education and professional experience.

Don’t go cheap

The matter of price is a tricky and rather delicate issue. You ought to clearly define two points:

  • Your budget. Assess your finances and see how much can be spent on writing services. Be a realist and never overpay.
  • The cost of services. Study the market to find out the average cost for writing services. Otherwise, you may get trapped. There are many freelancers and they have different price policies. Don’t get fooled and robbed.

We warn to be selective but to never go cheap. Many students want to save as much as possible and thus, they let themselves down. Too cheap help commonly reflects on the quality of help, which is poor. Find moderate prices to be sure you pay a fair price but receive essays of the necessary quality.

Make sure they can write any piece

You’ll face a lot of academic assignments. Therefore, your website or individual helper is supposed to be familiar with various pieces of writing. Make sure he/she can write:

  • All types of essays;
  • Dissertation;
  • Case study;
  • Resume letter;
  • Coursework;
  • Laboratory report;
  • Literature review;
  • Book/article/movie review;
  • Research paper;
  • Research proposal;
  • Term paper, etc.

Thus, you won’t worry if some assignment gives you much pain.

Ensure they can fit your style

Another crucial point is the flexibility of your assistant. Many students forget about the conformity of writing styles. Everyone has his/her unique style and your teacher or professor surely knows yours. In the meanwhile, your assistant may have quite a different style and your educators will instantly recognize the fake.

Accordingly, you should ask your writer about how flexible he/she is. He/she ought to adapt to your style and use the same text and sentence structures, implement your typical words, etc.

Find 24/7 available help

The need may come when you least expect it. Therefore, it’s better to have your helper at hand. Determine the active chat hours to get in touch with your freelancer when it’s comfortable for you. Thus, you’ll be able to make urgent adjustments.

Ensure proper communication

Decide the way you’re going to communicate. You’re free to use a phone or Skype. It may be the exchange of messages as well. If it’s the option, choose an exact method. These may be social media, simple emails, or something else. Of course, it’s better to have several variants. For example, if your assistant doesn’t answer your email for too long, you can call him/her by phone.

Can you access free samples?

It’s important to check the credibility of your helper. Request his/her samples to clarify this essential matter. Mind that these essay samples MUST be given for free. It’s quite fair and widely spread.

Check terms and conditions

Of course, you need some guarantees. Before you hire a freelancer, check all terms and conditions. It’s good to sign up a contract that will ensure your investments. Besides, you should never pay the full sum before your paper is done. It’s better to pay in parts after a certain section of your essay is ready.


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