Do Carpets Increase Home Value?

There are many ways to remodel your home or upgrade decor that will as a result, improve home value such as a nice curb appeal, a full bath, and upgraded kitchen. There are some who say that carpets can be one of these home value increasing factors. Is this true?

Make Sure Your Carpets Are Well-Maintained

If you want your carpets to be a factor in improving your home value, you need to make sure they are well cared for. Maintaining carpets shouldn’t be that difficult. There are many products and equipment you can use to make your carpets presentable and long-lasting. If you don’t want to do your own cleaning, you can just find a carpet cleaner to do it for you. A simple Google search with the keyword “carpet cleaning near me” should let you find a good range of options nearby. Just make sure you choose a carpet cleaner carefully. Be meticulous in examining your options.

Consider going over the Facebook page of the companies you are shortlisting as your top choices. Ask for opinions and insights from others who have already tried carpet cleaning services from the companies you are considering. Be on the lookout for fake reviews and fabricated comments from supposed customers or clients.

They May or May Not Improve Home Value

The general consensus is that carpets do improve home value. However, there are things you need to bear in mind. For one, the carpet should be presentable. Many property agents might ask homeowners (who want to sell their homes) to replace the carpet if they want to fetch a higher price. There should be consistency. When upgrading the carpets, they should match the other parts of the house in style and quality.

If you think installing wall-to-wall carpeting will make your home value rise, think again. This is one of the things that doesn’t help raise the price of a home being sold. While there are still property listings that include “wall-to-wall carpeting” as the main feature, most homeowners don’t really care about it. Some may even see it as a liability or drawback as carpets are expensive and could be perceived as cumbersome to maintain. Families with pets, in particular, may not like the idea of buying a home with carpeting throughout. There are also those who have health concerns when it comes to carpets. To clarify, this is not saying that carpets totally don’t have any value in increasing the price of a home being sold. The point is it’s not worth investing in wall-to-wall carpeting when the house originally did not have it.

Moreover, not many buyers share the same preferences when it comes to carpet colors and designs. As such, if you are planning to install new carpets in the hope of raising your home value, just use the money elsewhere. The more logical thing to do is to maintain the cleanliness and presentability of your carpet if you already have it installed.

To more clearly answer the question raised in this post’s title, yes or no—carpets may or may not help increase home value. They help when they are of good quality and are consistent with other features of the home being sold. They are not that helpful when they are simply added to make the interiors look “attractive” since the amount spent to install them may not be matched by the expected home price increase after the carpet has been installed.

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