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By admin / December 16, 2020

The internet: is there nothing that it doesn’t provide? Ever since it was created, the World Wide Web has provided access to so much in terms of entertainment and retail. It has proven to be even more valuable as of late, as the coronavirus pandemic has meant many people have had to stay in their homes, buying their goods online instead of making purchases in brick and mortar stores.

Another industry that’s been affected by the pandemic is the healthcare sector. Like with retail and grocery shopping, the internet can make a real difference to your health products purchasing. Here are a few health products that you can buy online, that may surprise you.


Supplements, whether natural or man-made provide a huge amount of difference to many people’s lives. When it comes to these little additives, quite a lot of the United States’ population needs them to function, as a lot of them provide much-needed vitamins and minerals to those whose bodies aren’t producing naturally.

However, they can also be used to improve what is already there, and see off any potential illnesses brought about by short term conditions. There’s no denying that our digestive system can really take a battering, especially if you have to eat on the job. Stress, drugs, toxins, and food particles that have not been broken down by enzymes during digestion can hammer away at the intestinal walls, causing a condition called a leaky gut syndrome.

Don’t let the glib name fool you, leaky gut syndrome is bad for your digestion and gut health, and so it’s recommended to get gut repair supplements from an online source in Doctor Danielle. This gut health supplement is filled with prebiotics that will strengthen the intestinal lining, help the body remove bad bacteria (which reduces inflammation), and help in the fight against your leaky gut syndrome. Once again, these wonderful little supplements are available on the internet (although always consult a doctor before ingesting anything new, just in case.)

Hearing Aids

As with many other industries, audiologists have been forced to move their therapy and services online. As a direct result, they are now offering the opportunity to check for hearing loss, tinnitus, or any inner ear problems through a video chat function, as opposed to the face to face appointments that you might be used to. Not only that, but Hearing Health USA is leading the charge by providing their clients with hearing aid prescriptions, hearing aid adjustments, and hearing aid purchases.

They have a wide range of hearing aids too, from inner ear, to outer ear hearing aids or even the tiny, “invisible” type of hearing aid that will only be noticed by the user. Plus, they offer products from a huge range of hearing aid brands and will help you make configuration changes to ensure yours is the best fit for you.

If you work in a particularly noisy environment and have noticed that you have had a little bit of hearing loss, then reach out to these audiologists and get them to perform an online hearing test. The result might be a few adjustments to your lifestyle, or your audiologist may prescribe a device to counteract the noisy environment. If that is the case, you can find the best hearing aid for you, you guessed it, online!


Similar to hearing aids, opticians and eye specialists have also moved a lot of their services online. By providing your details and measurements, you can get a variety of different frames and styles into which your prescription of lens can be fitted. Just a quick search online will get you a variety of different glasses that you can purchase.



There is a myriad of lotions available online, to cover a similar range of skin issues. From skin inflammation to the effects of bad bacteria blocking your pores, unlike medication, you can use lotions whenever you like to better what is already there. Most often, these are considered to be a cosmetic accessory but the truth is that they are widely available online if you need them for better skin health or just enhancement.


Yes, you read that right; music. When we think about our health, we often think of our physical makeup and forget that our mental wellbeing is just as important. Poor mental health can lead to other physical problems like a less effective immune system, headaches, or even heart problems brought on by stress (which also causes leaky gut syndrome). Ordinarily, the best option would be to book a trip and get away from it all, allowing yourself a chance to rest, recharge batteries and re-evaluate perspectives, but that isn’t always practical and, in some places, not possible due to COVID-19 restrictions.

However, as the German philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer said, “Music is the food of the soul.” Music is known to have positive effects on mental health, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed; go online, download some music, and have it play as you work. Before you know it, that background noise will have you feeling better in no time.


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