All You Need To Know About Blue Diamonds

By admin / November 28, 2022

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and they come in many colours. Blue stones are incredibly appealing, especially fancy or vivid blue diamonds.

What Exactly Is It That Turns The Gemstone Blue?

For a blue diamond to be created, there must be the element boron present, while a low concentration of nitrogen mixed with high boron content can result in fancy blue stones. If you search online, there are reputable gemstone dealers with natural blue diamonds for sale and they also custom make diamond engagement rings for their clients.

Argyle Mine, Australia

One of the most productive mines for fancy blue diamonds, the Argyle Mine is no longer in operation, yet you can still buy loose blue diamonds taken from the mine through a reputable gemstone dealer. South Africa’s Cullinan Mine is also finding stunning blue diamonds. Australia and South Africa are the two best locations for fancy blue diamonds. If she loves blue, why not surprise her with a fancy blue diamond engagement ring? Set your budget, talk to one of the leading custom jewellers and see what he can come up with in terms of design and price.

High Quality Blue Diamonds Are A Good Long-Term Investment

Once you get into the vivid and fancy gradings, a deep blue diamond will be highly valued and very much sought-after. Who knows how much such a stone would cost 10 or even 20 years from now? What we do know is high-quality colour diamonds (especially blue) do appreciate in value.

You Choose The Cut

When you design a blue diamond engagement ring from scratch, you get to choose every aspect, including which cut to use. A large rectangular blue diamond would be suited for the Marquise or Asscher Cut – this is a topic to discuss with the jeweller who has the ability to look at a raw diamond and see its potential. There are so many diamond cuts, the best way forward is listen to the advice of the person who hand-crafts the ring.

Blue Diamond Grading

Much like other shades, blue diamonds are appraised using the 4C method – colour, clarity, cut & carat – while it is the colour and clarity that define a high value blue diamond. The lighter the blue, the less costly, with deep fancy blue diamonds fetching several tens of thousands of dollars for a 0.25 carat stone. If you have a particular liking for a certain shade of blue, the wholesale gemstone dealer can find the perfect shade to adorn your engagement ring. There are loose coloured diamonds for sale in wholesale markets and a custom jeweller can access these and acquire top-drawer blue diamonds in raw uncut form.

Even though the Argyle Mine is no longer producing diamonds, there are still many fine examples up for sale. The best person to facilitate the acquisition of fine natural blue diamonds is a leading Australian custom jeweller. With his help, you can design the blue diamond engagement ring of your dreams and still be within your budget.

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