4 Reasons Ethical Shoppers Choose Lab Grown Diamonds

By admin / January 31, 2020

Are you a conscious consumer? Then this article is for you. It’s also perfect for anyone choosing a diamond, whether the stone is for an engagement ring, a pair of earrings, or a full jewellery set. The debate about lab grown diamonds versus traditional diamonds often centres on price and quality. But there are ethical advantages to choosing a lab grown stone.

Here are a few of the compelling reasons why ethical consumers pick a Lab Grown Diamond.

1. Lab Diamonds Are Conflict-Free

While a mined diamond with a Kimberley certificate may be a conflict-free stone, the only way you know for sure is if the diamond is grown rather than mined. Mined diamonds are associated with a long history of conflict over control of the precious stone trade. Mining has funded civil wars, displaced thousands, and caused violence in developing regions. Ethical consumers are waking up to the facts behind the seemingly glittering history of diamonds. Many are choosing diamonds ratified under the Kimberley Process, which aims to prevent conflict diamonds from entering the global market. While this is a worthwhile protocol, it is not fail-safe and conflict diamonds still exist. The only way to ensure your stone isn’t a blood diamond is to buy a grown gem.

2. Lab Grown Diamonds Do Not Use Child Labour

There are reports from developing countries of the extensive use of child labour for mining and other gemstone processing tasks. Child labour is something everyone obviously wants to avoid. While you won’t stop the problem of child labour simply by purchasing a lab diamond, you will be secure in the knowledge that your stone wasn’t created at the expense of child exploitation.

3. Lab Grown Diamonds Support a Fair Wage

Workers creating diamonds in a laboratory are paid fairly for their work. Diamond mining is characterized by small-scale operations where pay and working conditions are low. There is often no regulation for the smaller mines and therefore the workers are not treated respectfully or fairly. While many mines do operate under strict human rights standards, again, there is no real way to be sure of this unless your diamond is manufactured in a lab.

4. Lab Grown Diamonds are More Sustainable

Finding gemstones in the ground is an extremely tricky task. Thousands of tons of earth are moved to extract the stones. Heavy machinery sends noxious gases into the atmosphere. The carbon footprint from the extensive operations and the movement of earth and stones is high. Mining destroys land and is not a sustainable practice. Now we have the technology to create diamonds without such unsustainable methods. The lab procedure is controlled and benefits from a lower carbon footprint. Many operations use renewable energy to further decrease their negative impact on the environment.

Purchasing a diamond is a special moment in life and you want this time to be memorable for all the right reasons. An ethical lab grown diamond represents a more loving gesture because of its sustainability and links with fairer working conditions.

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