10 Funny Dog T Shirts To Get For The Animal Lover In Your Life

10 Funny Dog T Shirts To Get For The Animal Lover In Your Life

Is the love of your life a total dog person? Are you puzzled about what to get for the animal lover in your life who has a quirky sense of humor? Check out these 10 funny dog T shirts for inspiration. One of them might just be the gift you need to give.

You know that friend, that one who is so crazy about dogs that they don’t know what to do when one walks down the street. You’re talking to them one minute, and the next you’re trying to figure out where they went.

Sound familiar? Though quirky, a friend’s a friend, so why not get them a gift? Lots of funny dog shirts for humans exist, so you’ll have lots to choose from.

Whether you’re shopping for your significant other or your mom, there’s a shirt out there for them.

With so many designs to choose from, the shopping process can be overwhelming though. To help you find that perfect shirt, we’ve narrowed it down a bit for you. Keep reading for ten funny dog T shirts that will keep your dog-loving friend happy.

1. My Vote Premium Tee from I Heart Dogs

Whether your dog-loving friend loves politics or loves to stay away from them, this is the shirt for them.

Available in a comfy heather gray cotton, this shirt says “I love dogs” more than politics. Funny, comfy, and highly applicable to the talk of today, how can you go wrong?

Grab this fun T-shirt in multiple colors, including denim, brown-gray, and soft yellow.

2. Wiggle Butt Premium Tee from I Heart Dogs

Does your friend’s dog tend to wiggle? If so, this is the shirt for them. It won’t only make them smile, it will make them comfy, too.

Nod to your friend’s favorite pal as well as it’s funny movements in this fun tee. Plus, choose from several different colors to customize it even more!

Even better, purchase of this tee will help feed shelter dogs. You can’t get much better than that.

3. Dogs Make Me Happy You Not So Much from Redbubble

If your dog-loving friend likes to bring some attitude with them, this may be the shirt for them. Let their personality show while they wear this gift from you.

The bright words and cute dog graphic really pop on this solid black tee, making its message loud and clear. Not only comfortable, this shirt comes in a stylish wide-scoop design that’s fashionable and fun.

4. If I Can’t Bring My Dog I’m Not Going Women’s Premium T-Shirt from Spreadshirt

Some people just like dogs more than people, and that’s okay! If you know someone like this, consider getting them this great T-shirt.

If your friend is going to stay home, you might as well help them do it in comfort. Conveniently, this shirt comes in several sizes up to 3XL and is available in many colors, including pink, heather blue, red, and light purple.

5. Leave Me Alone Today Women’s Classic T-Shirt from Cafe Press

For those who’d rather stay home and talk to their pooch than talk to people, this T-shirt is a perfect gift. Nod to their quirky personality while making readers laugh.

Available in many colors, this shirt is comfy and can be ordered with short sleeve, long sleeves, or as a tank.

6. I’ve Got Standards – Ladies T-Shirt V-Neck from Teddy the Dog

You can’t go wrong with animal shirts, but why not choose one that specifically nods to what your friend loves? For that friend who loves standard poodles, this shirt is a fantastic gift.

Give your friend the gift of fun while also helping them look stylish. For convenience, this shirt comes in sizes up to XXX-large.

7. Beware of the Dog Lover from Redbubble

If your friend’s love for dogs is really over the top, this is the shirt for them.

Maybe he just can’t contain himself whenever a dog shows up. Or his voice jumps up two octaves because he just can’t handle the cuteness.

Either way, this shirt is a great fit for your friend who seriously loves dogs. This shirt comes in a slim fit, so order up a size if you like a little more wiggle room.

8. The More People I Meet, the More I Love My Dog from Cafe Press

Do you have a dog-lover in your life who likes their furry friend more than people? Then you should definitely check out this shirt.

Not only does it not to their personality, it will make others laugh too. Choose from several colors, as well as several styles, including long-sleeved, sweatshirts, and maternity!

9. Hairy Pawter from Animalhearted

This may be the best dog t-shirt ever made. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, anyway. For that friend who’s crazy about Harry and dogs, this is pretty much perfect.

This shirt comes in many cuts, including unisex tank, women’s slim fit tee, unisex tee, and unisex sweatshirt. However they wear it, your friend will love it.

Even better, when you purchase this shirt, 25% of the proceeds will be used to help animals.

10. Dog Marley from Teespring

For a nod to both dogs and the well-known Bob Marley, you’ve got to go with this shirt. Not only will it give the impression that you’re cool and relaxed, but that you love dogs and good music too.

Anydog loverr will love this comfy shirt and it’s big, bold print, so don’t pass this one up! Order with rush shipping to get it even quicker.

Perfect Funny Dog T Shirts

Is your sister crazy about poodles? Does your boyfriend love pugs?

Whatever your situation, you’ll have no shortage of funny dog T shirts to make them smile. Choose one from this list, or let one inspire you to design your own. Either way, you’re sure to find something your friend will love.

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