Will Travel Insurance Cover My Car Accident?

By admin / February 24, 2021

Travel Insurance is often stated as a must-have these days, but the obvious question is why? What is it about travel insurance that makes it such an essential aspect of modern traveling? Well, the answer to that question also answers the titular question itself. Travel insurance policies are deemed essential because they do not just cover canceled flights and trips; the policy could also provide coverage if the client gets into a medical emergency while traveling. However, that answer does not inform you about the fact that medical expense coverage is not always included in travel insurance policies by default. Similarly, there is no guarantee that your policy will keep you covered in case of an out-of-state car accident either. We will elaborate on those aspects next.

Optional Coverage

Potentially, a travel insurance policy could cover you against all of the following:

  • Lost or stolen luggage
  • Cancellations and interruptions (accommodation, travel, flight, trip plans, etc.)
  • Rental car accident
  • Emergency medical expenses and/or evacuation
  • Death and dismemberment
  • Bankruptcy declarations (trip agency, flight provider, hotel, etc.)

However, this presents two issues:

  1. Car accidents and consequent medical expenses are not covered by default, meaning that you will need to opt for them separately.
  2. Including medical expense coverage/personal injury coverage will likely shoot up the price significantly higher than usual.

Conditional Coverage

Conditional coverage is a legal trick used by insurance companies all the time and across all segments. Although that may not always be the case, it is common to find out after a car accident on your vacation that the medical expenses will not be covered by the provider because the circumstances of the personal injury do not meet their policy conditions adequately enough for it to qualify as a legitimate claim.

What Can You Do If Your Travel Insurer Refuses to Pay for Medical Expenses?

As explained, it is possible that medical coverage was not included in the package. If the insurer is within their rights to refuse medical bill payments, then you need to seek compensation from the guilty party that landed you in this predicament, to begin with. In case the accident took place somewhere within the state of Georgia, Horst Shewmaker can help.

Look for a law firm that has successfully settled claims related to all types of car accident injuries in their clients’ favor in the state for decades now. Ranging from app cab accidents and rental car crash injuries to serious truck/trailer tragedies, you need an attorney that can handle all personal injury claims with the tact that is to be expected during such trying times.

The bottom line is that you should always read the fine print, irrespective of an insurance agent’s claims while they are trying to persuade you to buy a travel insurance policy. If, however, you find yourself to be in a situation where they are refusing to pay for personal injuries, despite the coverage mentioned in the clause, don’t hesitate to contact a local personal injury attorney as soon as possible to solve such issues quickly.

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