Why OEM’s Are Still Best Choice For Replacement Parts?

Like all machines which has a life, need maintenance and change of parts, there comes a time when their beautiful motorbike has aged and some of its parts needs to be replaced or changed because either they have worn down or damaged thus making bike not work like it used to do. There are two ways any individual can handle this situation.

The first one which is more costly and might not be the right one is hiring a mechanic and doing everything the way he suggests. However the second way which is cheaper is replacing the parts themselves. These days’ video tutorials are available on the internet, the DIY kit and OEM Honda motorcycle parts everything is readily and very easily available for every bike at bikebandit.com.

Not only the motorcycle parts but Honda 4 wheeler parts are also available at bikebandit.com. But before one starts to loosen the nuts and screws of his motorbike, one must have the knowledge of different types of motorcycle parts available in the market. Broadly speaking there are three main types of parts which one can use to repair his bike. These are listed as follows:

  • OEM motorcycle parts: OEM motorcycle parts are the products that are manufactured by the original company of which the motorcycle was purchased. These products are very specific to the company and model of the bike. These parts are however more expensive than the other two categories because they have the company warranty and company brand name behind it.
  • Used motorcycle parts: Used motorcycle parts are the parts that have been dismantled or taken out from other motorcycles which are generally no longer in use. It may be because of an engine blow up or an accident, when that motorcycle cannot be fixed their parts are sold as scrap. The upside of buying these parts are that they are cheapest among all the three types of products. But there is a downside to buying these motorcycle parts. There is no guarantee or warranty on these motorcycle parts that how reliable are they and how long will they be able to work, but on careful examination and inspection of parts this downside can be converted to upside.
  • Aftermarket motorcycle parts: Aftermarket motorcycle parts are the parts of the bikes which are also specific to particular brand and model of the bike but the difference between these and OEM motorcycle parts are that these are not manufactured by the original motorbike selling company but instead by third party companies. These parts are still cheaper than the OEM motorcycle parts and perform near about the same way as OEM’s.

But it is still recommended that one must always use the get OEM motorcycle parts for extra safety and efficiency purpose. A few dollars extra won’t do any harm as it would cause if any third party product was to fail because it had 1% more casting defect or some other problem which would not be visible to naked human eye. And when even buying OEM motorcycle parts one can still get them at cheap rates by buying it online at bikebandit.com and not at dealers big showrooms who have higher costs because they have to pay showroom costs extra.

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