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By admin / March 16, 2018

Sports are best source for entertainment out there. Watching live sports events have always been a fun thing to do. Championships excite everyone, people of all ages as it makes the atmosphere tense and unpredictable. Almost 90 per cent of people are fan of some kind of sports and they love to follow their favorite sport events and team or players. This is why, the Smartphones come with sports news app to help sport lovers stay connected to their favorite sport, from anywhere at any time. Because of technology, there is not only advancements in gaming online but also access to apps and news about our favorite sports and players!

Here is a quick list of best sports app that will keep you posted 24 x 7

CBS Sports – this is one of the best and top rated sport news app. CBS Sports delivers you with the best sport experience. It is best place for watching all types of sports. It includes everything at just one place perfectly designed for the ease of users. You can find information about upcoming event and past events. It has details about every sport and teams and players involved in it. It is a complete and interactive Wikipedia for sport lovers!

365Sports – It is one of the best comprehensive news apps for sport lovers. It offers information about various sports organizations and leagues. It covers details for ten different sports. It provides highlight videos, real time sport updates, score updates and statistics to its users. The source of news is local and it’s very easy to install in your phones.

Bleacher Report – It is renowned sports apps that provide information on many sport teams. You can easily select your favorite team and get regularly updates regarding them. The source of information is blogs, Instagram, Twitter, locals, etc. You can even participate in activities like predictions, rankings, etc.

ESPN – ESPN is very popular sports news offering sources from decades. It offers everything from highlights real time score updates, upcoming event details to sport organization details, from analyses to new stories. It offers its users with access to various channels on Television. Their sport news app has been made better with time and is one of the best sports apps, available today.

Google Apps – Google apps obviously cover a huge place in the market today. Google covers everything from weather to recent happenings. Therefore, it is good source for getting instant updates on sports, today. The user experience is pretty great as it is extremely easy to use. Although, it’s not as comprehensive as CBS Sports or ESPN but still it is one of the best news apps, out there.

MSN Sports – This app has been a great competition for many top rated sports apps. It covers over 150 leagues; you can just set up favorite team or sport, to get started on it easily. From live scores to other content, you have it all available for you on MSN Sports. It can be easily accessed by people of all ages. Many channels or sites have launched their apps, but MSN seems to offer an amazing user experience which helps it in getting its names on the best sport news apps list.

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