Why a Vet Visit is a Must before Traveling with Your Pet

By admin / May 29, 2018

If you have a pet in your house and you are planning for a travel trip, you need to necessarily follow all the rules and regulations involved in pet travel which can often be quite stressful and difficult. In this situation a vet can come to the rescue. Being specialized in the matters related to the animals especially the pets, they have a detailed knowledge in this regard and can effectively help you to make your travel easier. Moreover, a visit to the vet is a mandate before traveling with your pet because of a number of reasons which are as follows.

Checkup of the pet

Before you travel with your pet, it is quite important that the pet is in a healthy condition. This is important because you definitely do not want your pet to fall ill or create any other sorts of problems while you are on vacation or traveling for any purpose. In this situation, the vet can help to do a complete checkup of your pet for its overall good health and well – being which eliminates the chances of your pet falling ill while traveling. There are many vet technicians trained from premier vet tech schools in Mississippi who, along with the veterinary doctors, can provide complete checkup of the pet.

Check for any diseases

The vet is able to verify and confirm that your pet is not suffering from any kinds of diseases or illness. The vet properly inspects and performs some essential tests on the pet to make sure that it is just perfect to travel.

Checking for the proper vaccinations

The vet can guide you in the right way and confirm that your pet’s rabies and all other essential vaccinations are current and simply issue a certificate of vaccination which might be required during the course of traveling with your pet. The professionals will also check whether any other vaccination is required or not.

Microchipping the pet

Microchipping of your pet is of immense importance for both your furry friend and you since it is necessary for the identification of the pet and it is a mandate in some of the foreign countries. Also, you need not forget to register all of your contact information in the database of the manufacturer of the chip.

Renewing of the prescriptions

The visit to the vet is extremely useful for the purpose of renewing the prescriptions. This is especially important if your pet is under any kind of medication. You should always carry the current prescriptions along with you while you are traveling with your furry friend.

Health certificate

The vet can provide you with a complete health certificate which is necessary at the time of traveling in the airlines, trains and also in the foreign countries. The authorities might ask for such a certificate to ensure that the pet is fit for travel.

Finally, the vet also helps you with some of the other small tasks that are quite vital, such as trimming of the nails, trimming of the fur, and so on, if required. This ensures that you do not have any kinds of problems with your pet while traveling.

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