Trends In Tech For 2018

2017 was a great year for technology -and 2018 looks likely to beat it! It is going to be a year full of amazing advances, incredible innovations, and brilliant breakthroughs. Read on for my predictions for the rest of 2018, and start getting excited.

Mobiles are Going to Get Smarter

Your handheld is already pretty smart, but 2018 is looking like it will become a benchmark in terms of just how clever these mobiles can be.

You are going to be enjoying far more than just the online pokies NZ and the rest of the world has to offer in your spare time, with unbelievable tech taking what we know and transforming it into what we didn’t even realise we wanted.

Companies like Huawei are busy developing operating systems that will be able to cope with the kind of processing power cloud-based AI requires. The goal is producing a mobile that is aware of its surroundings, a personal assistant who is able to grasp context and can thus assist us even more.

The Kirin 970 is a perfect example. Released by Huawei a few months ago, it is fast enough to drive AI, is able to store your info securely, and can save speed and power for the tasks that need them the most.

Imagine holding up an empty juice bottle and telling your mobile to order it. Your device will be able to do this for you, without you, because it is able to understand what you are holding.

Blockchain is Going to be Everywhere

Blockchain will be diversifying rapidly, and it is going to be everywhere very soon.

With cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin currently enjoying a rise in popularity, savvy investors are still somewhat wary. This is not because they are tech-shy, but rather because the underlying demand for digital currencies has yet to be proven. Time will tell.

Blockchain, however, the software architecture that makes cryptocurrency possible, is even impressing skeptics. Experts in machine learning and science writers are coming together to start tackling real problems, one of which is the unique attributes of technologies like blockchain.

AI May Go Mainstream 

This year is the year that AI is going to become fully established and accepted as the advantages it offers get realised. The power of AI to sift through large amounts of data, drive predictive analytics, and make knowledgeable recommendations for human co-workers can be difficult to explain to Joe and Jane Average. Many people don’t understand what machine learning, image recognition, and smart algorithms can actually do.

Those who do, however, are well aware that they are strong tools that can help the pros get more things done more quickly. From radiology to DNA sorting, AI has already started proving its value, but experts have predicted that the widespread adoption of this tech may be problematic.

Because people don’t know how to do this kind of stuff there will need to be some level of hand-holding in the early stages. The two main issues widespread adoption of AI is facing are that non-tech firms need to be schooled in the advantages that artificial intelligence can bestow, and more people working in the field of machine learning are needed.

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