Strange Hobbies From Around The World

By admin / February 19, 2018

Do you go enjoy collecting coins? Reading sci-fi novels? Do you like taking long walks, or crocheting odds and ends for your family and friends?

Perhaps you enjoy spending time at a top online gambling casino in your spare time. Whatever your hobbies are, I am willing to bet they are nowhere near as bizarre as these are!

Toy Voyaging, Worldwide

The idea behind Toy Voyaging is that you send your playthings off on adventures around the world. There is a website, ToyVoyagers, which allows you to find a temporary place for your toy to stay, and away they go.

You are able to use the travel log to write messages to your toy, and can both send and receive pictures from them as well. Once you want it to come home you just contact its host and ask that they start the trip back.

Extreme Ironing, the United Kingdom

Extreme Ironing began in Leicester in 1997, and became an extreme craze that has seen the somewhat mundane chore taken to new heights -literally. People are climbing mountains, riding around in helicopters, and even skydiving, all whilst ensuring the garment in front of them is wrinkle-free.

Competitive Dog Grooming in China

As is indicated by the name, this hobby will have you grooming your dog in the most unconventional way you can. It takes a lot of time, but, if you are good enough, you could win as much as US$30 000 from a single event.

Mooing, in the USA

In Wisconsin, in the United States of America, a contest takes place in which competitors have to do their finest impression of a cow. The most recent winner was a ten-year old, a young man named Austin, and he received US$1 000, a cow-print jacket, a golden cow bell and more as his prizes.

Surfing -On Trains, in Germany

This hobby started in Germany back in the 1980s, and is exactly as dangerous as it sounds. Train surfing requires participants to jump onto the outside of a moving train and hitch a ride. More than 40 people have died in Germany in the course of just one year trying to do this, however, so it’s not recommended that you take this up, not ever.

Tattooing Vehicles in Taiwan

A Taiwanese pensioner started doing this, as he enjoyed tattooing words from various Buddhist texts onto cars. His grandson has sworn that when he is a little older and has enough money he will buy his grandad a bus so that he can really flex his tattooing muscles.

News-Bombing in the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom is a man who enjoys finding out about where live news reports are being filmed in order to appear in the background while it is happening. He claims that he is doing this to prove that broadcasters will not allow people who aren’t attractive to appear on-screen.

Collecting Navel Fluff in Australia

Graham Barker, a man from Down Under, has been collecting and storing the fluff in his navel since 1984! His hefty collection now weighs in at 22.1 grams, and, in my opinion, this takes first prize for the strangest hobby of them all.

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