Top SEO Services that Work for an eCommerce Site

If you run an ecommerce website, you need SEO services that are relevant to your site. Those services are slightly different from regular websites, because your goal is not just to rank higher, but also to have high conversion rates and greater customer retention. So how is this done?

1. Better Product Descriptions

First of all, you must make sure you have unique product descriptions. They should list the features and benefits of your product. This is also an opportunity to set the tone for your business. Monitor the competition so that you know how they attract customers but remember to stay original.

2. Look for Review SEO Services

Adding reviews is a great way to add more and fresh content that is relevant and unique. It also builds your reputation and engages your customers. They should be incentivized to leave reviews through things such as loyalty points. Be aware that you may get negative reviews as well.

3. Make Your Site Quicker

The quicker a website loads and works, the higher the conversion rates are. Test it with Google’s Page Speed Test, for instance. Research has shown that one second of delay in loading your site can lead to a 7% drop in conversion. 40% of clients will move away from sites that take 3 seconds or more to work.

4. Use HTTPS

When you have HTTPS, your site is more secure. It means purchasing an SSL certificate, but that is an investment worth making. Since people share financial data with you, they want to make sure your site is safe.

5. Make Sure Your Robots.txt Is Right

Good SEO services will always check your Robots.txt configuration. Without that, organic traffic could literally be stopped because your pages won’t index. Plus, it protects your admin area, stops duplicate content problems, and saves time.

6. Focus on Your Infrastructure

If you hire SEO services, they will make sure your infrastructure is appropriate. Consider, for instance, that Amazon has 111 million pages listed on Google and counting. That is only possible because their infrastructure is perfect. People want to get to their destination in no more than three clicks.

7. Redirect Any 404 Pages

If you have any 404 pages, they need to be removed or redirected. Indeed, research has shown that 77% of people who come across a 404 page will not look further into the website. Good SEO services will identify and fix these problems.

These are the seven biggest things you can do, but there are a few others to consider as well, including:

Using modifiers (top, cheap, best, find, etc.).

Going social.

Using rich snippets.

Mobile optimizing your websites.

Allow content to be generated by your users.

Optimizing your meta descriptions and titles.

Put together, these are the key things that SEO services can do for an ecommerce website. It is up to you, as the site owner, to ensure you have a solid product and service in place, however.

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