Sushi Etiquette: Everything You Need to Know

By admin / March 21, 2021

Do you know how to eat sushi? It’s one of the most popular dishes in Japanese cuisine, and it has centuries of history behind it. So, it’s no wonder that sushi comes with some traditions.

But, most people outside of Japan don’t know how to eat sushi properly.

While you can eat it however you want, there’s something special about honoring proper sushi etiquette. It pays homage to its origin and makes the experience more exciting!

In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about the proper way to eat sushi.

Expect These at Your Sushi Dinner

Sushi: you may recognize it with its raw fish, rice, and seaweed. There’s more to it than that, though.

Have you ever been confused by a sushi menu? It was probably because you didn’t understand the different types of sushi available. There are three common varieties that you will come across.

The first kind is maki. Sushi in this form is a “sushi roll” in the U.S. You can always find this type at any restaurant because it’s so popular!

Another common type is nigiri. This one comes as a small block of rice topped with a slice of fish. Sometimes, a dot of wasabi acts as a glue between them.

The last one you’ll encounter is sashimi. This type is a slice of raw fish without any rice or seaweed.

Remember these differences, and you’ll be prepared to order at any sushi restaurant.

The Proper Way to Eat Sushi

Once you’re confident in differentiating between the popular forms, you can start learning how to eat sushi. Keep these tips in mind during your next sushi dinner for the most authentic experience!

Don’t Go Crazy With Wasabi or Ginger

Sushi is often served with two things near it: wasabi and ginger.

Ginger is the pink-colored stuff. Don’t put it on your sushi and eat it. Instead, use it as a palate cleanser in-between different sushi.

Avoid coating your sushi in wasabi because the flavor overpowers the fish. Most sushi chefs include the correct amount in the sushi already. If not, mix a very small amount of wasabi into your soy sauce for dipping.

How to Eat Nigiri and Maki

Yes, it’s alright to eat sushi with your hands – as long as it’s nigiri or maki. Try to eat these kinds in one bite, if possible, to better enjoy the rich combination of flavors.

If you’re having some nigiri, dip the fish-side into soy sauce instead of the rice. The fish will absorb the flavor better, and the sushi won’t fall apart.

How to Eat Sashimi

When eating sushi, you should start with the lighter foods first and then move to heavier ones. Sashimi is a great starter dish because it’s so simple.

If you’re eating sashimi, you should use chopsticks. Be careful not to rub the utensils together, as this can be insulting to the sushi restaurant.

Impress Your Friends With Your Sushi Etiquette

After reading this sushi etiquette guide, you’re ready to show off your knowledge! The next time you dine at a sushi restaurant, your friends will be wowed. You might even impress the sushi chef, too!

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