Should You Get a Part Time Job After You Retire?

By admin / February 28, 2019

Many of us look forward to retiring after a long working life. We think of the leisurely days doing whatever we want, but in reality it can get rather boring very quickly. Of course, this does not apply to everyone. Some will start to take care of their grandchildren while their parents are at work, and others will throw themselves into a hobby. Sometimes this is a new hobby and other times one they just have not had the time they would have liked to spend doing something they have a passion for. For the first few weeks of relaxing it’s fine, but if you have nothing else to do and are feeling a bit lost, perhaps you should consider getting a part time job after you retire.

Jobs for Retired People

There is no end of work for retired people. As it’s predicted there will not be enough of a younger workforce to fill all the jobs in just 5 years, the numbers of jobs for pensioners is going to increase.

Just because you are working part time and are of the older generation does not mean there are only low paid jobs available. Some of the best paid jobs have an older person in place. That is no accident. When someone has 40+ years experience in a particular field, it makes sense to use their expertise.

Of course, the money helps, but that is not why most pensioners take on part time work when their full time employment has finished. For most it’s because they still want to feel needed and useful, and research shows that generally people who continue to be employed are fitter, both mentally and physically, than those that sit at home doing nothing.

The Benefits for Employers

In recent years, employers and professionals like Louis Hernandez Jr have come to realise there can be huge benefits to hiring older people. They come with life experience that the youngsters do not have and often have better work ethics, as well as expertise in areas a younger person might not have. They will not spend as much time on social media, or searching the Internet for a better opportunity, but will concentrate on the task in hand. Often because they have no young children to look after they can be more flexible with their hours, which can also be a benefit for employers.

Everyone’s a Winner

It seems that when a retired person finds a part time job, both they and whoever employs them feel the benefits. With life expectancy reaching new heights all the time, and people of 60 to 70 years being much more active than they were in our grandparent’s generation, the number of people working in later life increases every year, a trend which looks set to continue.

If you get bored after retiring, don’t just sit back and complain about it. Get out in the world and go and find yourself a part time job.


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