Roger Wolfson – What You’ll Need to Forge a Career as a Writer

By admin / March 12, 2021

If you believe that you are skilled enough as a writer to forge a career in it then there are some essential tips which you will first have to know about, in order to become a success. Great writers like Roger Wolfson, who has dedicated his career to delivering executional quality writing, has not found that success solely because of his ability to write, but because of the way that he has approached his career.

Good writing ability is of course essential, but there is much more to this career than just that and here is what you will need to forge a career as a writer.

Fearless Approach

If you are going to try and put yourself out there as a writer, no matter if we are talking about journalism, TV writing or even becoming an author, then you are opening yourself up to a huge amount of criticism. For this reason you have to be fearless in your approach, both in terms of how you write and in terms of what kind of career you are looking for. There can be no room for concerns, the key is to write your truth and then put it out there, come what may.


The reason why someone like Roger Wolfson has managed to gain the reputation that he has, and the level of status which he has, is that he is prepared to try new things and showcase exactly what his penmanship can do. Roger is an author, he has written extensively for TV shows and film, he has worked as a script writer and a political analyst. All of these different disciplines are tough to crack yet because he was prepared to try them out, he has been able to elevate himself to higher levels of success.

Genuine Commitment

No matter what kind of project you are working on, be it your own book, a TV show or a news story, you have to be prepared to give it absolutely everything that you have. There really are no half measures when you are looking to create something such as this and the reality is that you need to give yourself to it completely in order for it to become a success.


There is a huge number of people out there who think that they are a great writer, yet there are only some who can truly make the grade. If you believe that this is you then you absolutely have to be tenacious in your approach. Once you have completed a project or when you are applying for jobs you simply cannot accept no as an answer. Those who are not built for this kind of career are those who will fall at the first hurdle. If you genuinely believe that this is your calling then you will not let anyone tell you otherwise and you will work tirelessly on making sure that you turn it into a reality.


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