Look Good Even With Kids! Here’s How to Choose Stylish Mom Clothes

By admin / January 10, 2019

Who says moms can’t be stylish and fashionable? Just because you’ve just had a baby, it doesn’t mean you should stick to baggy pants and loose shirts. From gorgeous dresses and flattering blouses to high-waist jeans, there are plenty of options available.

According to a survey conducted on 7,000 new moms, most of them found the post-baby bulge extremely difficult to lose. Around 60 percent said they expected to get back in shape by their child’s first birthday. Most respondents complained about their bellies, hips, or breasts.

Struggling with these issues after giving birth can be overwhelming. You may lose your self-confidence, feel frustrated, or even become depressed. Dressing to impress is the last thing on your mind.

Luckily, there are ways to look good, no matter your shape and size. Use these tips to choose stylish mom clothes that flatter your figure!

Go for Wrap Dresses

If you’ve just had a child, you’re likely breastfeeding. In this case, wrap dresses are your best bet. They highlight your waistline and help balance your figure while making it easier to bring your breast to the baby.

Depending on the fabric and patterns, wrap dresses can be worn at the office, at parties, and even at your favorite restaurant. They’re functional yet versatile, so don’t hesitate to include one or more in your wardrobe.

Choose Designer Brands

Designer clothes are typically made of quality fabrics and align with the latest trends. Plus, they fit a lot better compared to cheap clothing items.

Ideally, choose designer outfits created for new moms. Many brands appeal to this audience, offering a fabulous selection of clothes in various colors and shapes.

For example, Saint Laurent maintains its identity of utter modernity. From cozy sweaters and flattering dressing to limited edition accessories, it features some really cool stuff for every taste and style.

Don’t worry, though – this doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on high-end outfits.

No matter what you’re wearing, throw a designer bag on your shoulder or accessorize your outfit with a pair of designer shoes. If you opt for a plain white tee, for instance, accessorize it with a stylish brooch or scarf – remember, it’s all in the small details.

Mix and Match Mom Clothes

Another trick you can use is to mix and match your pre-pregnancy clothes with basic post-partum staples like nursing bras and pants with elastic waist.

Pair your favorite jacket or blazer with a maternity tank top. If you prefer some comfy bottoms with elastic waist, wear them with a safari shirt or tunics. Crossover tops are ideal for nursing mothers and look fantastic with loose pants.

Embrace Chic Athleisure and Activewear

Athleisure is taking the world by storm. From celebrities to gym goers and teens, everyone loves this trend.

Yoga pants, leggings, polo shirts, tennis shoes, and sports bras are no longer reserved just for gym buffs. Now you can rock this style on the street, in clubs, and even in the workplace.

As a new mom, you’ll fall in love with this style. It’s chic, comfy, and functional. Wear fancy dresses with sneakers, pair loose T-shirts with leggings, or throw a sports jacket over maternity tops.

Look Fabulous and Get the Compliments You Deserve

When it comes to shopping for stylish mom clothes, the possibilities are endless. Your creativity is the only limit.

Play around with colors, mix and match different styles, and accessorize your outfits.

Tracksuits, granny panties, and baggy outfits are no longer your only option. Nowadays, designers are going back and forth to create fashionable clothes for the modern mom.

Need a quick boost of confidence before giving your wardrobe a complete makeover? Check out these tips for optimum mental health and well-being!

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