Is Garbage Pickup Expensive? What You Need to Understand About Trash Removal Costs

By admin / March 10, 2020

Dumpsters being full with garbage container trash on ecology and environment

How much trash do you produce?

Nevada creates the most trash at 38.4 tons per person. Idaho is the greenest, as the state produces just 4.1 tons per person.

No matter how much trash you produce, you need a way to get rid of it. This often means hiring a trash removal service. The cost can vary greatly depending on the type of trash you need to be hauled away.

Use this guide to learn what you can expect when paying trash removal costs.

Regular Home Waste Removal

Every home in America produces waste every day. A trash removal service will come and take this trash away. Most trash companies make pickups once or twice a week.

The exact price you’ll pay varies from county to county and state to state. The price changes based on the type of garbage getting picked up, your location, and the population density.

Site Clearance

If you’re clearing a piece of property, then you’ll need to have the earth and building materials removed.

These grab hire services are perfect for this. The dump truck comes with a large claw to scoop the earth and debris up.

The claw is strong enough to move large amounts of waste in one scoop. This makes quick work of the clearing process. You’ll pay for this removal service based on the volume of each job.

Junk Removal

If you have large furniture or appliances that you wish to throw away, then you need a junk removal service.

Your regular trash pickup won’t haul these large items away.

A junk removal service will quote you a price for removal based on the type of item, its weight, and where you’re located. For example, a mattress removal Sydney cost will differ from a general furniture removal cost, as the size and weight of the items will be vastly different.


If you’re planning on starting a home remodeling project, then you should arrange for waste removal. These services will arrange to leave a large dumpster at your home that you can fill it as you work.

Once you’re confident you’re done with your project, you can call to have the service take the dumpster and waste away.

The price you pay will depend on what category of waste your debris falls into.

Building Debris

The waste that falls into this category is typically construction debris. It could include old insulation, cement, and drywall.


Waste that falls into this category can be caustic and requires special treatment to prevent harm.

Because the removal process is more intensive, the service will cost more. Items that qualify for this category include batteries, electronics, and fluorescent lamps.

Get Quotes for Your Trash Removal Costs

Trash removal costs vary greatly, which makes it a challenge to quote an exact cost.

The best thing to do is to determine what type of trash removal you need. Then, call around and get a few quotes from local services. This will help you determine what the cost is in your area.

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