How To Take Care Of Your Sexual Hang-Ups

By admin / April 7, 2018

Grooming advice blogs cater to both men and women; however, even in modern times, it seems that sexual advice has been left to the women alone. While, women can get a million resources about how to take care of themselves when it comes to sex online, for men this is not so.

There is also a decline in men being comfortable in their sexualities because they cannot approach these problems head-on.

What is the solution?

One of the primary ideas behind our insecurities about sex and sexuality is body positivity. Perhaps in part because of porn, we expect ourselves to look a certain way and be a certain way with women. This means that we put undue pressures on ourselves when we are having intercourse.

This need not be the case, just talking, solving the problems out as a couple is a great way to deal with the entire issue.

What if I have a more physical hang-up?

This has been a more significant problem in the U.K. With over the counter medication not being available and other problems, men have had to contend with many stares whenever they seek out something for their sexual well-being.

Viagra over the counter is available now, however, and that might ease the solution a little.

What to do when your partner expects more?

Of course, women have expectations from men. However, you do not have to fulfill them right away. A relationship is a two-way street. Talk about your insecurities and problems, try and get to understand what exactly your partner wants and take care of yourself.

And finally, how to approach partners

This changes from relationship to relationship. When it comes to physical issues, even the closest and longest running relationships have some hang-ups to deal with. We recommend a sit-down, no phone session for your worries.

Here’s to a better sex life for you and your partner.

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