How to Start Planning a Wedding: A Helpful Guide

By admin / March 11, 2021

Your wedding should be one of the happiest moments of your life, but 96% of couples say the stress of wedding planning makes it hard to enjoy. There are so many items on a wedding planning checklist, from finding a venue to deciding on a guest list. And no matter how much time you have, a wedding planning timeline always seems to move in fast forward!

Take a deep breath; it doesn’t have to be so stressful. This article will share how to start planning a wedding you will remember for the rest of your life. Read on and learn some wedding planning tips that will help you enjoy your special day without undue tension or strain.

1. Set a Date

One of the first steps to planning a wedding is to set the date. If you give yourself plenty of time, you can eliminate some of the stress of wedding planning. In most cases, a year is enough time to plan everything well.

If you plan an event with a large guest list or at a venue that is in demand, you might need to allow more time. One way to reduce the amount of time you need to plan things is to consider a destination, all inclusive wedding.

Lakeside Weddings and Events in Las Vegas specializes in all-inclusive weddings. You select a package that suits your style and budget, and they take care of every detail. Talk about a stress-free wedding!

2. Know How to Start Planning a Wedding on a Budget

Every wedding budget is different. But every wedding budget can be an area of stress. One way to reduce the worry over budget is knowing what you want and where to spend your money.

About half your wedding budget will go toward the venue, food and beverage catering, and rental of tables and chairs. Photography and video typically require 10%-15% of a wedding budget. A wedding gown, tuxedo rentals, and other attire will require about 10% of your budget.

Suppose you want the assistance of a wedding planner, budget 3%-5% for their services. You can save some money by planning it yourself, but a professional planner will free you up to enjoy the day.

3. Use a Planning Tool or App

Some people swear by a big journal or binder to keep up with all their wedding notes, ideas, and inspirations. If you’re more comfortable using a phone over paper, plenty of great wedding planning apps are available. They can give you lots of wedding planning tips every step of the way.

Download several apps and check out the features until you find one that works for you. Some require a paid subscription, while others are free to use. The benefit of using an app on your phone is your wedding plan is with you wherever you go.

If you come across something that inspires you, it’s easy to add it to your wedding plan at a moment’s notice.

Don’t Worry, Get Married!

There are a lot of steps to planning a wedding. Many couples find the process stressful, but knowing how to start planning a wedding can reduce some of the worries. Consider an all-inclusive wedding and let the professionals handle the details while you focus on the rest of your life together.

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