How Long Must You Wait For A Replacement Social Security Card?

By admin / December 17, 2018

When you apply for a replacement Social Security card, you may wonder how long this process will take. There are people that do not like to fill out forms, and they may wonder if they will be there several hours, trying to complete these long forms that be difficult to finish. The other concern that they may have is how long it will take from the moment they mail this into the time that they will receive their replacement Social Security card in the mail. These are all concerns that people have, and the good news is that it’s very easy to do, and it doesn’t take very long at all for these replacement cards to be delivered. This overview of how to get a replacement Social Security card, and how long it will take, will ease your mind in regard to this entire process.

The Main Reasons That People Need To Have A Replacement Social Security Card

There are many reasons that people will request a new Social Security card. This will include the fact that it was stolen, perhaps located in their purse or wallet that was taken by a criminal. They may have inadvertently lost it, fumbling through their wallet, looking for their drivers license and caused it to fall out. Another possibility is that they may have washed their wallet in the washing machine, and because of the flimsy paper that these are sometimes printed on, it could have been completely washed out or destroyed. Therefore, they will need to get a new one.

Why Is It Necessary To Have The Card If You Know The Number?

The reason that you should have a physical Social Security card, and not just simply know your number, is that you might be applying for a job. Whenever you do apply for one, you write down the number, but they may also ask for your Social Security card so that they can take a picture of it. Whether this is a photocopy, or if they scan it, they need this for doing research on you as a person. There is a lot of information that can be gathered by obtaining this number, and if you provide them with the official card, this is one way that they can no that it is really you. Additionally, you may be applying for a loan at a bank, and they will request your card during this process. There may be other reasons were this is necessary, but at the very least, it’s good to have it with you so that you can always know what your Social Security number is if you have never memorized it.

How To Start The Process Of Getting A Replacement Social Security Card

There are two ways that you can start the process of getting your new Social Security card. The most common way, and the way that people have done this for decades, is to find the local SSA office and asked them for the forms. Once you have filled out the forms, sometimes with the help of the representatives that are there, you can then send this off to the Social Security Administration. After a couple weeks, once it is processed, they will send this to you. The other way, which is gradually becoming more prominent, is by doing this online. You will create a personal account with the Social Security administration. You will have a designated username and password. Once you are in, you can then navigate to the place where you can request a replacement. The forms that are there are virtually identical to the ones you will get at the main SSA office. The only difference is that you will print them out once you are done completing them. It’s also worth noting that no one will be able to help you if you are going to do this yourself. If you would prefer having some form of assistance, going to the main office might be highly recommended. Either way, these completed forms need to be physically sent in to the main SSA so that they can begin the process of getting you a new one.

How Long Will It Take To Obtain Your Card Once You Have Been Approved?

Once you have been approved, which should only take a few days, they will then send your new card to you. It may take a small amount of time to printed out, and also to send it, but most people get these back within two weeks of sending in their application. If there are any problems, they will then contact you directly. You can provide them with any forms that they may be requesting. This is a process that many people have gone through, and in most cases, it takes no more than 14 days to get your new card sent back to you.

If you have recently lost a SS card, and you do not know your number, it is definitely time to go to get an application for social security card and fill out the forms. If you would prefer, you can create a digital account on the SSA website. Once you are in, simply go to where you fill out the same forms, print them out, and send them in. If this is something that you have not done before, you should not be apprehensive about the process. It’s actually very easy to complete. In two weeks, you will have a brand-new Social Security card, complete with your existing number, to replace the other one that was stolen or lost. If you do have any problems, and they do contact you, you can speak with local representatives to find out what you need to do next. This tends to happen with people that were not born in the United States, however it can also happen to them. It usually a problem with the forms you have filled out, and once that is corrected, you can look forward to your new card being sent in the mail courtesy of the Social Security Administration.

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