Foods You Should Avoid Cooking in a Skillet Pan

By admin / December 19, 2018

Skillet pans are very versatile in the kitchen. But as much as it is versatile the pan has its own shortcomings. This is because there are selective foods that cannot be cooked using a Skillet Pan. We reckon you might be pleased to know some tips on how you can preserve your precious pan. We are going to highlight some of the food you should try and avoid cooking using the pan.

No to Sticky Desserts in Skillet Pan

Most people think that since the pan has many depth iron-cast it is fit for cooking multi-layered desserts. Well, that is not the case. The texture of the Skillet cannot particularly contain items that are sticky. If you use the pan for sticky dessert the dessert will end up taking the flavour of the skillet iron. And surely that is not what your dessert to be like. That is as horrible as playing casino crazyvegas game with a bad internet connection. Not only is this irritating but it will lead to a bad experience.

Avoid Delicate Fish

All health and light meals such as Cod, tilapia and flounder can be cooked using the ancient pan. But not by any chance you should cook Delicate Fish in a Skillet Pan. This dish has a tendency of sticking to anything. However, the only fish that is perfect for the Skillet is Tuna and Salmon Steaks.

Fried Rice

A lot of traditional fried rice recipes allow the use of the iron skillet pan. It is actually not a good idea or the best advice to take. Rice has a tendency of sticking to the surface and it compromises the whole dish. It is better you stick to the ordinary frying pan for fewer complications. Make sure you have a frying pan that is top-class so that you will not spoil your beautiful meal, and don’t play Punt casino online blackjack games while you cooking.

Above all, avoid meals that are too soft when you are using the Skillet pan. You need to know the right tools to use in the kitchen. And definitely, you will have a great time with a well–cooked meal.

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