Home Remedies That Are Actually A Waste Of Time

By admin / February 26, 2018

Being able to heal yourself from the comfort of your own home without spending any money is an enticing prospect, which is why home remedies are so popular. These days, it seems as if there’s a combination of ingredients that you can find around the house to solve anything. While some of these are either effective or at least harmless, many are nothing more than useless folk tales.

Therefore, knowing which ones are worth your time and money is important. Many home remedies are simply misconceptions passed down through generations, originating from a time where there wasn’t adequate research or science available to prove that these remedies actually do something.

Honey Cures Acne

Teenagers will often tell you that their parents recommended this age-old remedy to them at one time or another. The idea is that rubbing honey, usually mixed with another ingredient such as cider vinegar, onto your face and then leaving it for a while is supposed to cure your acne. However, recent studies have proven that this is not the case.

If you have tried this out yourself, worry not, as there are much worse remedies that some people have believed to help with your skin. Early American settlers once assumed that urine could cure acne. For real, sound advice on skincare, rather head to a reputable website such as healthyskinsolutions.com to get all the information you need for healthy skin.

Dirty Socks Cure Throat Pain

It was a common misconception in early 20th century Europe that wrapping a dirty old sock could somehow cure throat pain. Now you might be wondering: “Who would do this today?” But a basic internet search will prove that people will happily believe even the most ridiculous remedies, simply because they were passed down as “knowledge” by earlier generations.

During this time, Europeans used sore throats as an indicator of poor health and potentially lethal diseases. The idea was that wrapping a sock around your neck would prevent the disease from spreading. There are worse treatments for sore throats though; the Irish thought applying salt herring to the soles of your feet would somehow help.

Tobacco For Ear Aches

Sore ear? Why not stuff it with a moist wad of chewing tobacco? Or even better, simply blow some smoke into it! Naturally, science has debunked this remedy, along with a couple of others, such as dropping small amounts of urine into your ears. This disgusting remedy was said to be used by Elvis Presley’s mother to help The King of Pop himself when his ears weren’t feeling too good.

Perhaps the creators of this remedy were simply hard of hearing themselves when any reasonable person tried to convince them that their theory was just plain hogwash.


So, what can we take away from all this? If you’re having trouble, consult a real professional or, at the very least, do some thorough internet research because these home remedies are not worth the trouble!

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