Heal Thyself: 5 Self-Healing Techniques to Improve Your Health

By admin / February 18, 2019

Would you rather spend thousands of dollars each year going to the doctor or implement some self-discipline and take care of yourself?

Last year in America, we spent over $3.5 trillion on healthcare.

It’s true, not every medical issue can necessarily be resolved with self-healing techniques. If you break your arm and your bone is jutting out of your skin, no amount of meditation is going to fix that.

However, most health issues that are plaguing America can be avoided with appropriate self-healing techniques.

Don’t believe me? Read on.

Mind Over Matter

The mind has much more power than we give it credit for. Without a doubt, it is the most influential asset we have at our disposal.

The placebo and nocebo effects are prime examples of this.

In studies, people receiving a placebo (sham) treatment sometimes get the same results as those taking the real thing. For example, people taking fake weight loss pills lose just as much as those taking the real thing. This is because they believe they will.

Alternatively, the nocebo effect causes negative symptoms from sham treatments. One such study was done among cancer patients.

Half of the group was given real chemotherapy pills while the others were given placebos. A high number of people in the sham group, about 1 in 3, still lost their hair because they knew that chemotherapy causes hair loss.

Their minds made it real.

Therefore, if you want to feel better, believe that you already do.


Meditation can be practiced on all different levels. You can look at it as self-spiritual healing or just time to be introspective.

Tibetan monks have been said to meditate for years at a time, somehow going without food all the while. Some people have even claimed to have out of body experiences.

While extraordinary, these levels of meditation are not necessary for successful self-healing. Simple meditation can be accomplished by anyone. However, the more you practice meditation, the more effective it will be.

The simplest way for beginners to meditate is to find a quiet place. Some prefer dark places, but it isn’t required.

While in your quiet place, close your eyes and begin to focus on your breathing, but not to the point you’re manipulating it. Simply observe the breaths flowing in and out.

Our minds have a tendency to wander. When you find yourself thinking of something else, simply observe it and move on. Return your focus to your breathing.

Be present in the moment. Spend 15 to 30 minutes doing this.

Energy Self-Healing Techniques

Our bodies and the world around us is made of pure energy. These energy particles are vibrating at various levels, creating the physical world we live in. This is a scientific fact.

The vibration of these particles in and around our bodies determines much about us. It determines our moods, our health, and even our appearance. Fortunately, the way this energy vibrates is within our control.

This is where mind over matter and meditation come into play. By practicing these mental disciplines, we can become competent at manipulating our energy fields.

Like most things in life, there are ways to supplement your energy healing. There are products out there to help you remove blocked energies, balance energic pathways, and promote dynamic communication at a cellular level.

Sunshine and Hydration

Sunlight is vital to our bodies and our minds.

There’s validity behind Seasonal Affective Disorder. Most people suffer from SAD during the winter months where we tend to stay inside more. Winter months also bring drastic decreases in daylight hours.

The reason we feel these changes so severely is because our bodies depend on sunlight to synthesize vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiencies have been linked to depression and other mental illnesses.

Along with sunlight, we need adequate hydration. Keeping our bodies hydrated helps everything run efficiently and keeps us healthy.

If your urine is clear, you’re drinking enough. If not, drink more!

Diet and Exercise

There is no better way to maintain the physical state of our bodies than with diet and exercise.

Exercise keeps us fit and strong in more ways than one. Exercise boosts our immune systems, promotes better sleep and gives us more energy.

Exercise can improve your mood and keep weight and fat-related diseases at bay. Exercise also decreases risks of heart disease and diabetes.

Eating healthy plays an equally important role in your health. Simply put, you are what you eat. Would you rather be full of rich vitamins and nutrients or greasy fat and sugar?

Think about it this way, if you had a Ferarri, how would you fuel it? Would you put cheap gasoline in it or premium? Treat your body like an exotic sports car, feed it only the best fuel.

Be Smart, Approach Health Conditions From Multiple Angles

One thing that can be said of nearly every wealthy person is that they have multiple streams of income. Successful people are redundant, but it pays off.

Self-healing techniques can be a fantastic way to keep you healthy. Certain energy healing practices, such as Reiki, can even heal you after an injury or illness. However, self-healing techniques are meant to be a supplement to your health, not an all-in-one solution.

It is unwise to self-diagnose or avoid going to a doctor when you have a serious illness or injury. Be aware of the condition of your health, don’t let illnesses or disease sneak up on you.

Respect your mind, body, and spirit. Live long and be happy!

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