Ball Out with These 10 Awesome Gifts for Sports Fans

By admin / February 18, 2019

Shopping for that sports fan in your life?

It’s easy to find lots of sports memorabilia online for every team from every sport, but it’s pretty hard to find the right piece of sports memorabilia for your child/spouse/friend.

Beyond that, if you really want to impress your sports fan, gifts can get quite pricey. If you’re on a budget, it can be tough to find anything cool without spending hundreds of dollars.

We’re here to give you a hand. There are cool and affordable gifts for sports lovers out there and we’ve found them, compiled them, and listed them here for all to see.

Here are 10 awesome gifts for sports fans.

1. Herschel MLB Duffel Bag

This bag is great for hauling around workout gear or taking clothes for a weekend getaway. Herschel is known as one of the premier bag manufacturers in the game, plus you can have your sports fan’s favorite MLB team logo emblazoned on the side.

For only $35, give the gift of practicality and style. The bag is small, but not too small and folds in on itself for easy storage. Hopefully you’re not a fan of a rival, because they’ll be taking this thing everywhere.

2. Women In Sports

For the female sports fan in your life, this anthology of “50 fearless athletes who played to win” is the perfect gift to show them they can compete with the guys.

This book was written by the best selling author of “Women in Science”, Rachel Ignotofsky. Detailing the achievements of 50 of the greatest athletes from the 1800s until now, it is thoughtful and inspiring to both men and women.

It’s the perfect gift for a young girl that loves playing sports but needs a little extra encouragement getting out there and taking on a new one.

3. The League

If you’ve noticed your partner sitting in front of the TV every Sunday between September and January for the last 20 years, then they’re probably a pretty big football fan. Not everyone knows the whole history of the NFL, and this book covers it right from the beginning.

Giving a profound history of the biggest sports league in North America, “The League” details the achievements of 5 rival team owners that made football the household sport that it is today.

It’s certainly a great read for any football fan, but it’s mired in 20th century American history, making it a great read for anyone who’s interested in that kind of thing.

4. Master Class with Steph Curry

Does your child love to play basketball? If so, they probably idolize The Chef, Steph Curry. He’s an undeniably admirable athlete; someone who didn’t get a lot of attention in high school because of his slight frame and awkward shot. Today, he’s one of the biggest stars in the NBA and considered one of the best shooters ever.

With this Master Class, your sports fan can learn shooting and dribbling mechanics from one of the best to do it. Steph is a great teacher and an incredible role model for your kid. A bargain at $90.

5. Golf Ball Personalizer

There’s nothing worse than launching your golf ball into the pond. Wait, yes there is. Trying to retrieve it is worse because there are about a thousand other balls in there with yours. If you spend a chunk of change on your ball, you don’t want to lose them if you can avoid it.

This golf ball personalizer from Restoration Hardware will have your golfer giddy with the prospect of finding their lost balls with ease. It looks like a nutcracker and stamps up to 3 initials on your golf ball with ink and a lacquer finish.

6. Stadium Blueprints

If your place is covered in art, to your partner’s dismay, you can get them a very tastefully done blueprint of their favorite stadium. Beyond being the place-setting for some of the most dramatic moments in their sports fandom, these stadiums are remarkable architectural achievements.

Get an 18×24 print of the schematics of any stadium you can think of and have it framed for your sports fanatic.

7. Ticket Stub Diary

Do you attend a lot of sporting events because of the sports fan in your household? A great gift to keep track of those amazing memories is by using a ticket stub diary. It’s basically a normal diary with plastic holders for the old ticket stubs.

This way, that sports fan in your life can look back fondly on big wins and sadly on bitter defeats by looking at the ticket stub and jotting down a blurb to remember the experience by.

8. Hydro Flask Growler

Speaking of remembering sporting events, we’ve got something here to forget them by. The Hydro Flask Growler will keep your beer cold for those long summer tailgates. It keeps 32 ounces of your favorite craft beer on ice while you prep for the big game.

It’s pretty sleek looking and could pass for a coffee thermos to avoid any run-ins with those that don’t appreciate drinking in public.

9. Authentic Soccer Jersey

A nice new soccer or “football” jersey is the perfect gift for the international sports fan in your family. You can wear these things anywhere, from working out at the gym to a night out with some friends.

Soccer is beginning a meteoric rise in America. We’ve noticed more and more MLS and international soccer fans come out of the woodwork since the last world cup. Reward them with their favorite player’s kit. Check out this online store to shop now for your soccer jersey gift.

10. Franklin BBQ Cookbook

If you’ve ever had the fortune of going to Austin’s Franklin Barbecue, then you know what real BBQ is supposed to taste like. Take your pregame meal to the next level, or dare we say, be the life of the tailgate with this cookbook from Franklin’s own Aaron Franklin.

Customizing your smoker, finding top quality meat, and constructing your fire are all topics of conversation in this pitmaster’s bible. This is a gift that will benefit you as well, so we feel like it’s a no-brainer gift.

11. Gaming convertible top 

Does your friend  already have a pool table? Then consider rocking his world by converting his pool table into a ping pong table as well. You may not have known this is a thing, but it totally is. Nowadays, you can convert any table into a ping pong table, pool table or even a foosball table. Amazon sells convertible table tops in all shapes and sizes, all you have to do is a bit of research. Here’s an article I recently read tied to ping pong tops but the reality is you need to first figure out what’s the game your friend loves the most first, then go google top covers for that game. 

So Many Gifts for Sports Fans

See, there’s no shortage of ideas for gifts for sports fans. If you don’t see anything you like in this list, hop online to do some research of your own. The perfect gift is out there, you just have to find it.

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