Getting Injured in a Public Place

By admin / August 2, 2021

Everyone gets hurt occasionally, and most of the time, these injuries will heal, and you can move on with your life without an issue. It could happen to you at home when you’re cooking or cleaning or out for a walk and trip over a rock or some other debris. However, there might be times when you get injured in a public place, and you can suffer from more than a bit of embarrassment and a little bruise. It could also be the case that this injury could have been avoided entirely if there had been a warning sign put up or much-needed maintenance work on a road or building was carried out. If you have been injured in a public place (or on corporate property), and it could have been prevented, you might be able to take legal action. Below are some tips on what you can do if this does happen to you.

Seek Medical Assistance

If you have been injured, the first thing to do is seek medical assistance to treat the wound or check there hasn’t been further damage. Even if your injury seems mild, it could develop into something worse later, and if you experience pain or discomfort hours after the incident occurred, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. If you have been injured while visiting a corporate office or when you have been at a retail/grocery store, café, etc., ask to use their first aid kid if you need to.

Ask for Witness Statements

Being in a public place should mean that there have been others around to witness the incident that has caused your injury. If you believe that your injury could have been prevented and think you’d like to take legal action against the local council or a private company that manages the building/area this occurred in, try to get witness testimony to back your claim. For example, a worksite that was not cordoned off properly, or a lack of hazard signs, etc. You might also want to make a note of any exchanges that have taken place between you and the party that you want to claim against.

Find a Personal Injury Lawyer

When seeking legal representation, you need to find the right kind of lawyer to take on your case. There are various areas of the law, and attorneys will usually specialize in certain practice areas; therefore, finding a personal injury lawyer will be what you’re looking for. The Romanucci & Blandin Law Firm in Chicago is a good example of the kind of legal counsel you’ll need. They will talk you through the process of making a claim and advise you on whether or not there is enough evidence to make one, etc.

Keep a Note of Your Medical Records

Another thing you will likely need to make your claim if you’re injured in a public place is your medical records. Ask your doctor to provide written testimony that your injury was sustained due to the incident that took place, and how it has affected you, whether that was taking time off of work, any physical and mental trauma, how long it will take you to recover, etc.

If you are injured in a public place due to an incident that could have been avoided had those responsible for managing the area had made sure it was safe, you could be entitled to some compensation. If you want to make a claim, consider the tips above to help you move forward with it.


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