Different Generations, How Different Are They?

By admin / May 21, 2018

Generation to generation, the media channels are talking about the average Jane’s and Joe’s, meaning of all us, what we want from life, and what we are like. Obviously, it’s never just the media channels, their sources are us, the people. And all the generations are different in many ways, what they expect from life, what they value, what they care about.

The GI Generation, born between 1901 and 1926, had great sense of personal civic duty, people worked til they died or were unable to work anymore, they were avoiding dept while saving to buy stuff.

The Mature/Silent Generation, born between 1927 and 1945, could be seen as a pre-feminist era where women stayed home and raised the children. Men who got a job usually kept it their entire life.

Baby Boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, could be seen as self righteous & self-centered people. People starting using credit as means to buy things instead of saving. Divorce became a thing.

Generation X, born between 1965 and 1980, are more individualistic, but also entrepreneurial, they tended to commit to themselves instead of to an organization or career. Credit card dept becomes even more common.

Generation Y, born between 1981 and 2000, generation that felt more academic pressure than others, and also have great expectations for themselves. Everyone knows what computer is, and don’t really know a world without internet. In countries like in Estonia they were the first ones to get used to internet banking, in other countries like United States they started looking for ways to buy usa lottery online. Everyone has their own business website or blog about cryptocurrencies, blog spot about drunken nights or whatever else. Relaxing work environment is what we need. Authority? Not a fan. They think that they are special, and expect to be treated this way.

Generation Z, born 2011 and later, it’s tough to say anything about them yet, but one thing is sure – they are the most tech savvy generation, yet generation that will be reading actual books the least.

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