5 Attractive Traits In Men That Women Want

By admin / May 21, 2018

Straight men have for ages wondered what it is that women want. There is no definite answer since every woman has her own individual preferences about what she wants in a man plus there is a lot more to attraction than one or two characteristics.

What a woman wants in a man also depends on the kind of relationship the woman is looking to form but there are certain qualities backed by science that women find attractive that could provide an insight into what women really want in men. Here are the traits women want in men.

Sense of humour

Women are attracted to men with a sense but that’s not the cue for you to be a clown and make a fool of yourself. It’s the ability to laugh at yourself and see the fun side of life. In a world where everything seems too serious, the ability to make her laugh can create an emotional connection between the two of you.

A sense of humour is also indicative of intelligence, which comes with its perks like the belief that you can provide solutions to problems when they arise, handles issues maturely and earn more money.


Women highly rate men who exhibit kindness because it shows how you will treat them should you get into a relationship. No, it doesn’t count if you say how kind you are, it has to be backed up with actions.

This starts with how you treat the wait staff when you are out on a date. Be courteous and polite to the waiters too, not just to your date.

Kindness is also attached to chivalry, which as you may know is not yet dead. Be a gentleman in your speech and actions.

Good looks

Looking stunningly handsome counts but only for short-term relationships like flings. Your overall appearance matters more than your looks. You don’t have to a face like David Beckham or Denzel Washington but you can make sure you look good by taking care of yourself.’

Work out regularly and maintain a healthy and balanced diet to stay in good physical shape. More importantly, groom yourself and have some sense of style. The days of the cave men are long gone and unkempt hair and beard are no longer acceptable. Wear well-fitting clothes matched with the right pair of shoes. Find men’s style tips at Dude Pins.


Confidence is an attractive trait in a man since it shows a woman that you know who you are and what you want.

You don’t expect women to trust you enough to be able to allow you into their lives if you lack the confidence in your own abilities.


Ambition shows that not only can you improve your earning potential in future but also the possibility to climb the social ladder which meets women’s primal need to find good providers as their partners.

You could make up for your lack of money now with raw ambition to excel in your chosen professional field.

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