David Berkowitz Chicago Shows how to Save Money when Going to the Movies

By admin / February 14, 2018

It’s the traditional date, but who said romance was dead? While it might be somewhat easier to watch movies at home, for those of you wanting to get to the latest and greatest viewings a trip to the movie theatre is almost always in order.

There’s just one problem with this date; it’s becoming very expensive. Sure, the prices are going to vary between regions, but this is no longer something which isn’t going to cost you a small fortune. Some people might compare the cost of a movie ticket to a sports game and say its great value, but on the flip side prices have seemingly surged over recent times.

This is something that hasn’t escaped the attention of David Berkowitz Chicago. He has experienced these price hikes first hand, but has at least been able to devise various strategies to save a little money every time he ventures to the theatre. Here, we will investigate some of these savvy tricks of the trade.

Become an indie

In some regions it might be a little more difficult, but one of the big reasons behind the hike in movie tickets is because most theatres are operated by the big brands. These are the brands which are more than happy to boost the customer experience, and will invest everything in a bid to do so. At the same time, in a bid to cover this high-end experience, they do tend to charge slightly higher prices for their tickets.

Again, it’s impossible to fall back on some hard and fast figures here, but what we will say is that independent cinemas always tend to be cheaper. They might have a slight delay when it comes to the release of some movies, and they might not have the reclining leather chairs, but for most of us these benefits are obsolete anyway. And adding more money to your family savings because of it, will benefit everyone!

Never visit the movies hungry

This is the tip that most of you will have probably been expecting. Not only are you forced to pay an absolute premium for the price of a ticket, but also for all of the other costs that are associated with it. One of these major expenses comes in the form of food.

Despite being one of the simplest foods that can be created, cinemas have somehow managed to make an enormous markup on the price of popcorn. Some sources suggest that this is as much as 1000%, which says everything you need to know.

As such, eat before you go, so you don’t have any urges whatsoever once you make it into the theatre.

Tap into free previews

They say that nothing is free, but there are some occasions where the movies will present these opportunities. There are services which offer free public preview screenings, allowing you to view a movie before it’s “officially” released.

The downside to this is that the date and time will be picked for you, but in the interests of getting a free pass most people are not at all concerned about this.

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