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By admin / January 29, 2021

Despite the hopes that so many of us had that we would be able to live life normally once the year 2021rolled around, we sadly are not in the position to do so and lockdown restrictions have once again been imposed on so many of us. Thankfully however, we live in the digital world and this is what has made the enter process easier, not easy of course, but easier than it would have been 20 years ago. I have been watching a number of lifestyle coaches over the last few weeks, brilliant people like Cashier Myricks who offer great pearls of wisdom and advice which we can use to stay strong and persevere during this difficult time.

One of the best pieces of advice that I have heard of late is the importance of using this time now, to prepare for what is coming in the future, and here is why it is important.

Positive Attitude

Mental health is understandably a hot topic right now and that is because we are being put under so much undue stress and into so many frustrating situations, not to mention the fear. A great way to get ourselves out of this situation then is to focus on the importance of a positive mental attitude, and in order to do that we need to have our mindset right. Planning for the future will give you that sense of hope and promise which can keep you going and which will ensure that you have the right attitude to get through these tough times.

When Better?

If we take this situation and then turn it into a positive, we can consider the fact that what we are going through right now is a pause in life which few of us ever thought that we would get. There is no better opportunity for us to work out what it is that we want to do and to start laying the foundation for it than right this second, and that is why it is so crucial that we aim to use this time to map out and to plan how we will deliver on those things that we have been dreaming of.

Capturing Emotions

Think about this for a second, when someone dies, perhaps your age, there is that fear in your heart and that realization that life is far shorter than you realize. In the wake of a death like this we often promise ourselves that we will change, make better decisions and seize life, but that doesn’t last long before we are back to where we started. The point is that we are doing this right now, mapping out all of those things which we will do when we are allowed to again. This emotion must be captured and this is why it is so essential that we make plans now, and put it in stone how we feel and how we want to feel when all of this is over and done with.

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