Top 5 Powerful Morning Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

By admin / September 10, 2020

An affirmation is an emotional or mental statement of encouragement or support.

Sometimes we feel down on ourselves, lack confidence, or just have a bad day. In order to improve your attitude, you have to act like it! Positive words can affect how we go through our day.

Anyone can use an affirmation to help themselves or someone else. Many people even like to start their morning with them! Talk about a positive start to your day!

Morning affirmations, self love affirmations, and confidence affirmations can be life-changing for some people. If you’re asking, “How do affirmations work?”, here are 5 powerful morning affirmations that may just change your life!


“I am grateful for all that I have, all that I am, and all that is.”

Expressing genuine feelings of gratitude in the morning can give you a sense of contentment. If you seek to become content with what you have and make peace with where you are in your life, this is the affirmation for you.

Gratitude is essential for not only expressing feelings of thanks, but for helping us recognize what we have. All too often, the “go go go” lifestyle can block us from visualizing the big picture.

When we stop and express gratefulness for where we are, we become strong enough to grow as people.

Gratitude is also good for your health, which is only one way how affirmations can change your life. Studies show that expressing gratefulness can prove to be beneficial to your physical health. Those who are grateful for who they are and what they have are more likely to take care of themselves.

A grateful person engages in less hostile emotions like anger or resentment. You can also increase your mental stamina and patience with your environment. If you do it for any reason, gratefulness has also been linked to better sleep!


“I release my negative thoughts, embracing positivity and optimism.”

In order to let go of negativity, you have to embrace positive affirmations. If your failures come from fear and a lack of confidence, positivity and optimism can go a long way!

Even if you don’t believe in what you’re saying just yet, this affirmation is a good way to start thinking positive thoughts. Starting your day off on a positive foot can shape your whole day’s outlook!

But what does it mean to embrace positivity and optimism? It means you are allowing yourself to feel hopeful, happy, and confident. Even if you’re still having feelings of fear or negativity, embrace the positivity and hopefully, your fears will subside!

Optimism and positivity also foster a sense of confidence in one’s self. This in turn leads to increased persistence and even maximizes the possibility of your achievements!

New Beginnings

“Every day is a new beginning. Take a deep breath, smile, and start again.”

Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has bad days. But don’t let that keep you from having a great one today!

If every day is a new beginning then we give ourselves the opportunity to better ourselves and improve each and every day. How to go about this? Take a deep breath, smile, and start again. All you can ever do is your best!

Facing each day as a new beginning allows us to shake off the messes from yesterday and wake up ready to do our best!

Some people may find new beginnings to be scary, as there is no guidebook or someone to follow along the way. However, fear is apart of experiencing something new! Rather than casting off feelings of fear, accept that they are a part of you and move on to get past them.

New Challenges

“As I take on new challenges I feel calm, confident, and powerful.”

Not all self love affirmations are about your physical appearance. Some are just to remind you how capable you are of taking on anything you set your mind to.

A new challenge gives you the opportunity to show yourself that you are capable of great things. Sure, it would be nice if other people notice too, but remember that you take on these challenges for yourself.

If you tell yourself that you are calm, confident, and powerful, you’ll start to believe it! You just have to give yourself a reason to. And simply waking up to tell yourself that affirmation is enough!

New challenges open us up to unlimited potential. If you limit yourself because you are fearful of new challenges, you’ll never grow! You’ll always make mistakes, but the best thing you can do is move forward with self-love and the intention to be your best self.


“Thank you for this new day where all possibilities exist.”

When we’re feeling close-minded or like the days are blending together, it can be helpful to remind ourselves that there are new possibilities out there. So much can happen in a day, make the most out of yours!

Even if you’re not feeling up to new adventures, it’s still helpful to remind yourself that you always have the option to face new possibilities.

If you’re stuck in a rut remind yourself with this morning affirmation that every day is a new possibility! And as always, a little bit of gratefulness thrown in doesn’t hurt.

Morning Affirmations in Action

To start your day off right, repeat any one of these 5 powerful morning affirmations!

If you or someone you care about is struggling, take a moment each day to reflect on yours or their needs and work them into your affirmations.

Choose one that fits best for you, or repeat one every day of the week. Ask yourself, “What are affirmations going to do for me today?”

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