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A Picture is Worth 1000 Words: 7 Reasons Why You Need To Incorporate Visual Marketing in 2019

By admin / January 28, 2019

We’re not sure if you’ve heard, but the internet is a big deal… We’re talking 4.2 billion people using it regularly big.

You probably already have an idea of how much people love being online and the opportunities putting your brand on the web can bring to your business. Heck, we’re even willing to bet that you’ve been proactive and started content marketing online in some way shape or form to try and drive leads to your site.

Let us ask you something though… Is your content marketing as visual as it should be?

Now more than ever, people are leaning towards visual marketing as their preferred way of consuming information. If your team hasn’t gotten serious about visuals yet, you’re losing money.

Below, we talk through a few key reasons why visual marketing needs to be at the center of your campaigns.

1. People Don’t Read Articles Without Images

When was the last time you opened up a blog post that featured ZERO images and made it all the way to the end? Unless you have a superhuman attention span, we’re willing to bet that like most people, you hit the back button on your browser before long.

The truth is, people don’t read content online anymore that isn’t image rich. As a matter of fact, studies have stated that articles with images are 94% more likely to get views.

Imagine being able to boost your online traction by 94% just by adding images to your content marketing efforts? That reasoning alone should be enough to get you started incorporating visuals.

2. Billions of Hours of Video Get Consumed Online, Daily

YouTube is a video juggernaut that anyone that’s ever stepped foot online has heard of. To quantify its success, look no further than this Wall Street Journal article which states that people are watching over 1 billion hours of content on the platform every day.

Add that massive number to the number of hours being consumed on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and you begin to understand the importance of video visual marketing.

Video visual marketing doesn’t need to be complex. You can do something as simple as reading a scripted version of your already produced blog posts and publish that.

The important thing is to start building a video production workflow into your marketing campaigns as soon as possible.

3. People Communicate With Visuals Now More Than Ever

It seems like society has come full circle in a way.

Back in prehistoric times, messages were communicated through drawings on walls. From there, we evolved into communicating through writing and now, youth is back to leaning heavily on images.

Look no further than your social media feed for an example. How many all-text status updates do you see?

Probably not many.

If you want to be relevant to today’s eCommerce consumers, you need to do it through images or video. Otherwise, your message may get branded as antiquated.

4. Visuals Force Your Messaging to Be Concise

It’s easy to describe your point to someone in a 2000 word essay. It’s a lot harder to do it with an image.

Given that today’s average consumer has the attention span of a goldfish, challenging yourself to make your messages simple to consumers is more important than ever.

Many companies have found that transitioning to visual marketing has forced them to start trimming the fluff and getting straight to the point with consumers.

By adopting that same practice, you’ll likely enjoy better conversion rates and more money in your business’ pocket.

5. Infographics Provide Insane Value Without Asking Much of Readers

Today’s online audience wants a lot of value at no cost. While that arrangement may seem unfair, giving in to those demands is the only way you’re likely to build traction online.

That’s why our team loves infographics. Infographics are a form of visual content that provides readers with insane amounts of value in the way of statistics and does so in such a way that readers don’t need to work for the information.

That consumer-centric arrangement is why infographics are among the most widely shared visual marketing mediums online.

6. Visual Media Provides Easy Opportunities to Entertain

Most businesses serve consumers that don’t like dry brands. By dry, we mean brands that are all business and no pleasure.

Does your company entertain at all in its marketing efforts? If it doesn’t, trying to incorporate laughter into your marketing is something that’s worth trying.

One of the coolest things about visual marketing is that entertaining via visuals can be a lot easier than doing so via text. Today’s meme culture is proof of that.

Bottom line, visual entertainment is easier to create and can even break through language barriers. Given that fact, visuals are a great way to punch up your brand’s sense of humor without too much effort.

7. Visuals Get Shared, Text Doesn’t. PERIOD.

Today’s youth is very conscious of “social credibility”. They only share things that they think will get liked by their peers.

And guess what?

Young people’s peers don’t like giant walls of text.

If you’re looking to get extra impressions on your marketing via organic sharing, your marketing needs to be visual. If it isn’t, it’s not going to get shared.


Wrapping Up Reasons Why You Need To Incorporate Visual Marketing in 2019

Visual marketing is gradually taking over the communication sphere. If you’re not ready to adopt it in 2019, you’re running the risk of becoming irrelevant.

We hope that this article has convinced you of the importance of visuals and that you’re able to leverage it in such a way that you can breathe new life into your brand!

For more information on all things business, lifestyle and beyond, check out more of our content on My Press Plus today!

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