6 Of The Quirkiest Ways To Make Cash Quickly

Unless your super rich, you’ll regularly think about ways that you can make more money quickly. Why can’t it be as easy as cutting off your hair for cash or getting paid to go and eat at a fancy restaurant?

Well, it can. Aside from the 9-5 grind of a daily job, there are loads of weird and wonderful ways out there that you can bring in extra income that plenty of people know nothing about – and when they do find out about them, think they are so farfetched that they can’t possibly be true!

Here are six of the quirkiest ways that you can make cash quickly.

Selling your hair

You might not be able to sell your body parts legally for cash – eBay and the police both frown on selling brains, after all – but you can sell hair. Human hair is an in-demand commodity, whether it be for making everyday items like wigs or fake eyelashes to the more bizarre such as making clothes or creating furniture. Don’t like the thought of somebody walking around in a jumper made from your hair? Then you can always sell your plasma instead.

Take part in a clinical trial

By taking part in a clinical trial, you’ll be helping science and getting paid at the same time. While most trials focus on people who have specific medical conditions, every so often some come along that require healthy adults as a control group. You’ll essentially end up being paid to sit in a hospital bed doing nothing for a few days while doctors monitor you. The definition of easy money.

Turn a hobby into money

When you were a kid, you might have been good at yo-yoing or skateboarding. Hobbies that most of us thought are just for kids and teenagers are now big money – take the skateboarder Nyjah Huston Net Worth of $6m for example. There’s big bucks in what were once considered kids activities.

Walk dogs

Want to get paid to stroll around the park with a dog on a lead, with your only job really being to clean up after mans best friend? Let your friends and family know you are available for dog walking services.

Become a mystery shopper

If you like shopping or going out to eat, then becoming a mystery shopper will allow you to get paid for doing just that. Essentially, it involves going out and gathering information for a business about their customer service and compliance with regulations. To do this, you’ll be asked to buy items or have a meal and report back on how you found the experience. Not only do you get paid for what you buy or what you eat, but you also get paid for spending the time doing it. Win-win.

Sell scrap metal

If you’ve got a truck or trailer, then you can go around rounding up scrap metal to sell. You’ll need to learn how to sell scrap metals and what metals are the best to sell, but with a little research you can soon turn this into a lucrative way of bringing in cash.

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