5 Tech Tax Tools That Make Paying the IRS Easier

By admin / October 17, 2018
Tax season is always fraught with tension and anxiety, but it doesn’t have to be. Click here to get 5 digital tax tools that make paying the IRS easier.

Did you know money is the highest cause of stress in America? In a 2018 survey, 44 percent of respondents said money causes them more stress than personal relationships and work.

And when tax season rolls around tensions can get pretty high. That’s because you suddenly need to recall every income, expense, and donation you’ve made over the entire year!

Filing documents and tracking mileage is something that requires time and effort. We don’t always do a good job of it each day.

Yet, it’s not a hopeless situation. Tax technologies have made great strides. There are now several tech tools that help reduce the stress of doing your taxes.

Check out these tax tools for paying the IRS with ease.


This is the Internal Revenue Service’s free app for iPhone and Android. You can get updates about the latest tax news. The agency even provides insider tips for filing your taxes.

What’s Great About It

  • Refund Tracking
  • Filing Tips
  • Find a preparer
  • Make a payment

Use this app to take the stress out of wondering where your refund is!

2. FileThis

FileThis is a cloud-based filing service. They call themselves a ‘digital filing cabinet’, which is exactly what it sounds like.

The service goes out and finds your bank statements and bills. If you create paystubs digitally, you can store those away, too. FileThis saves them in one place for easy access when you need them.

What’s Great About It

  • Statements in one place
  • It’s currently free
  • Easy access through Google, Evernote, and Dropbox

Don’t go searching for your statements on multiple websites. Let FileThis do the job for you.

3. Shoeboxed

Tired of looking for receipts every time tax season rolls around? You’re not alone. This tax tool was specifically designed to ease your pain.

It’s a unique concept. You send your receipts to Shoeboxed, and they upload them into digital images for you. Or, just send them a quick pic via email or the free app.

What’s Great About It

  • Easy to update images via an app and email
  • Receipts are all stored in one place
  • Add receipts to tax software or send directly to tax preparer

Quit looking for hoards of receipts at tax time. Keep them all organized in one virtual spot.

4. It’s Deductible

This handy tax prep app has the going rates for common deductions preloaded! It uses the actual IRS deduction guidelines so you know they’re accurate.

What’s Great About It

  • Accurate amounts for cash and noncash donations
  • Tracks all your deductions for the year
  • Can also track mileage

Enter your deductions into this handy tool as you go. You’ll no longer need to guess how much your charitable donations are worth.

5. MileBug

Driving for work? You’ll need to track it. For most people, that probably means scribbling it down on a napkin on the way.

Give yourself a hand with this little app. It was designed with mile tracking in mind. MileBug uses GPS to track your mileage for any qualified trips.

What’s Great About It

  • Use GPS or Enter Manually
  • Free App with an upgrade option for a small fee
  • Uses IRS rates to estimate reimbursements

You won’t need to write down your mileage, anymore. Use MileBug to track it automatically.

Ready To Start Using These Tax Tools?

You’ve got several options for easing the pain of doing your taxes. It’s time to pick your tax tools and get ahead of the game. Be prepared for tax season before it even starts!

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