5 Reasons Why You Need A Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

By admin / June 24, 2020

Most road users are always pedestrians. In case a pedestrian gets injured in an accident, one might think that the case is open and shut. However, just because you are a pedestrian, it doesn’t mean you were on the right. Neither does it mean you will get the settlement you deserve. Most likely, your insurance may even deny your claim. It’s, for this reason, one needs a qualified and experienced pedestrian accident lawyer.

The following are reasons why you should hire a pedestrian accident lawyer;

  1. You might be focused on your health forgetting legal matters

It is easy to get seriously injured when you are a pedestrian. Most victims experience severe head trauma and even broken limbs. When in that state of fighting for your life, you won’t be capable of handling any legal matters on your own. The best thing to do is to seek assistance from professional pedestrian lawyers. Pedestrian accident lawyers will help provide you with peace of mind. This, in turn, will let you focus on your recovery.

  1. Effective settlement negotiation

In most cases, either your claim will be denied, or you will be presented with a lowball settlement on your clam. Here is where the advice of a pedestrian lawyer is vital. They will tell you whether the settlement offer is fair. If not, they will do further negotiation on your behalf. The best pedestrian accident lawyers determine what a fair settlement should be considering medical costs, pain, and suffering, damage to personal possessions, and many more. It would be best if you had pedestrian lawyers, like pedestrian accident lawyers in ventura, who will file and challenge your insurance company when they refuse your claim or give you a lowball offer.

  1. Pedestrian Accident lawyer will determine the guilty party

Many times the insurance will deny your claim arguing that the driver wasn’t at fault. Different countries and states have different rules concerning the pedestrian accident. Commonly if you as a pedestrian are partly at fault, you will not receive a financial recovery. For instance, if you were hawking on the roadside, you could be at fault. A professional lawyer will investigate and determine whose fault it was and make a case on your behalf. They do this by collecting existing and relevant evidence and uncovering new evidence. For example, you might be hawking on the roadside, but the drive also happened to be driving under the influence of alcohol. A professional lawyer will help show the guilty party.

  1. A pedestrian lawyer will represent you in court

Insurance companies like to play hard to get and play cat and mouse games, so doing it’s hard to settle. If this happens, a professional lawyer will be able to represent you. They will present your case effectively and give you a better chance of winning. They will make sure you are well compensated for your damages. Many of these cases are usually filled in court to get a better settlement.

  1. A lawyer will help decide the next move

You might not like the settlement offer on the table but feel like you deserve more. A lawyer has a grasp of the most crucial aspects of a pedestrian accident case. They will argue about your situation and give any advice on what to do next.


Being in an accident as a pedestrian is a traumatizing experience, but unfortunately, it’s very common. If, as a pedestrian, you were involved in a car accident and suffered injuries as a consequence, you deserve compensation. But without lawyers like pedestrian accident lawyers in ventura, you risk being awarded nothing. Hence the need for assistance from professional lawyers.


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