4 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Rent

By admin / February 2, 2018

The start of a new year always brings renewed optimism and a list of goals we want to accomplish. Perhaps you’ve decided to take up a new hobby or finally finish that daunting home improvement project. Perhaps you’re going to get married or cross a long road trip off your bucket list. Don’t let a lack of equipment stop you. You’ll be surprised to discover the types of items you can rent. Save your money, and get busy reading up on these four things you didn’t know you could rent.

Wedding Dresses

We all know that weddings can be really expensive. In India, for example, it’s common to get a marriage loan. Before you go deeply in debt to have the wedding of your dreams, consider renting a wedding dress. On average, brides spend about $1,300 on a wedding gown. That’s a lot of money, especially for a dress that you’ll only wear once before packing it away in a closet as moth food.

If you can’t find a gown rental shop in your local area, search online. Some websites charge you a small fee to send you dresses to try on. When you choose one, they credit that amount toward the rental of your wedding gown.


Lady Gaga sang about it. We love it, and we hate it, but let’s admit it: When paparazzi are present, you know you’re near someone famous. If you want to make your old high school cronies jealous, you can hire your own group of paparazzi to jump out of the bushes or create fuss by clicking candid photos of you looking fabulous. Paparazzi rentals generally cost big bucks, between $600 and $1,000 an hour. However, the smug feeling and great memories will last forever.


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Do you have a hillside that is hard to mow? Are you looking for an environmentally friendly way to control vegetation and kill those annoying blackberry bushes or weeds? Why not rent your own little herd of goats? Reclaim that hillside by using goats to eat away all your worries. They’re also entertaining (and cute) to watch.

Heavy Equipment

Do you have a big construction job you’ve been putting off? You probably wouldn’t hammer a nail with a wrench, so why would you use a ladder when what you really need is a boom lift or a scissor lift? There are all kinds of heavy machinery for rent from reputable companies, so before you get too creative and jeopardize your safety, check out your heavy equipment rental options. You can even find equipment rentals for smaller home renovations and renting these tools will help if you are on a budget!

Way too often we run out and buy something we need before stopping to think about whether we could rent it instead. From fancy dishes for a once-in-a-lifetime dinner party, to luxurious cars to impress that special date or drive while traveling, to the wedding gown of your dream, rentals are the best way to save money and hassle. So, take a few minutes to do some research. You might find that whatever you were planning to buy is available to rent instead.

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