4 Major Innovations in Mobile Apps

Technology is expanding at an exponential rate, more information can be stored on a single mobile device today, than in major computers a few decades ago. Alongside the prevalence of mobile phones has come the innovation and expansion of mobile apps. Mobile apps are increasingly changing the way we live our lives, how we communicate, travel, document and entertain ourselves. There are now apps to fulfil a near-infinite number of modest to complex tasks and activities, from certified contraceptive apps, augmented reality gaming apps such as Pokémon Go to multimedia communication apps like SnapChat.

Multimedia Communication

More and more people don’t just want to simply send a text message to their peers, informing them of how their day is going. Instead, people are sending videos, photos, voice messages and more, letting the world know about the most intimate details of their daily lives. With apps like SnapChat, for example, users can do just that, but with an inventive edge – its self-destroy system. All posts that are shared, will be auto-deleted and disappear permanently, depending on the time limit you set to be available to recipients. In addition, it features Geofilters, meaning people can express themselves in a fun, engaging way, with emojis, stickers, lenses, and filters that are relevant to their location. So now, if you are visiting a new city or know you are going to be at a specific location one night, you can make your own custom filters to take pictures with your friends. Companies like Instagram and Facebook have now introduced similar features, boosting their appeal and popularity.

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Multi-Gaming Apps

Gaming has always been an important driver of the use of apps, and many gaming apps such as TempleRun, Fruit Ninja, and Pokemon Go, have had their spurts of popularity. Today, a growing innovation in mobile gaming apps has been the ability to play hundreds of games on just one single app. A notable example in the mobile casino app realm is Leo Vegas famous for their mobile innovation which hosts more than 700 slots, over 30 jackpot games and a wide selection of table and roulette games. With its simple and clear user interface, users can play hundreds of games without hassle or bother, even with a slower internet connection.


Despite many recent setbacks for Uber, its fare-sharing technology is still making breakthroughs in innovation and has been a pioneer in the sharing economy. Their fare splitting app feature allows users to divide a trip fare equally between your account and other riders’ accounts. This enables people to significantly reduce the cost of their taxi rides in a simple and swift way, and it has led to the usage to skyrocket and become a successful global company.

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Delivery Services

Similarly, as with Uber, the sharing economy has been one of the most notable developments in mobile app innovation, and companies that have taken advantage of this include Deliveroo and UberEats. They enable delivery orders to be placed through their apps or websites and then self-employed bicycle or motorcycle couriers transport the orders from restaurants to customers. And now, after a deal with Heineken International, Deliveroo delivers ciders and beers to many locations. As the expansion of shopping from the comfort of homes or workplaces grows, likely so will the use of app-based courier services.

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Whether you’re app savvy or just a beginner, it’s great to keep up to date with the latest innovations and developments in mobile apps, they could potentially make your life a lot simpler and easier.

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