4 Reasons Why eCommerce Is The Way To Reach Your Dreams

Do you feel this is too cliché?

But what if a cliché contains actual truth?

Industrialisation and technological developments have some bad connotations. Some people feel they made society too busy.

But isn’t it because we’re all chasing the dream?

And now eCommerce at last offers people the perfect way to reach that dream.

You can achieve everything you’ve dreamed of. This is how.

  1. Make Money

Of course this must be the first aspect we discuss. You don’t want to love your day job and then realize you’re never going to become financially independent.

The good news is that eCommerce sites are making millionaires out of people.

There’s endless diversity. You can even pick the type of eCommerce site you want. What are your strengths?


If you’ve always been a pro at making an item you can now pimp it to the public. You don’t have to hire store space. You don’t even have to invest capital in manufacturing large amounts of merchandise.

You can run your eCommerce site remotely. You can also manufacture as orders come in. This is the perfect way to start building capital for a larger venture.

Extending Current Ventures

Your current land based store must have an online feature as well. This is where people are shopping these days. Since there’s no need to acquire more storage space this is a viable idea.

You can work delivery costs into your pricing so you know you won’t sell at a loss.


Your first online earning venture can even be your blog. All you have to do is find a niche relevant domain name and setup a simple site on a platform like WordPress.

The internet is everyone’s default source of information. Your blog—if it offers insight and value—can draw crowds from these web surfers.

By allowing paid for advertisements on your blog you can start making an income from your viewpoints.

  1. Do What You Love

It’s the dream job right? Doing what you love?

With eCommerce you can work your talents and preferences into your business.

A lot of people are prevented from following their desires because of finances. E Commerce is an affordable way of starting a business.

You need less capital investment at the start. You don’t necessarily have to spend money on a premises. You can apply your funds to perfecting services and merchandise.

  1. Do What You’re Good at

ECommerce is so diverse. Whether you have a service or a product to offer you can be successful.

The eCommerce arena is far from saturated. You may think your original idea is too far fetched to survive in the market.

Countless success stories prove the opposite. It’s the original merchandise that attract a following.

Part of the reason may be an over stimulated public. People are bombarded with information and products. Though they have the money to spend on them it’s hard for a certain item to stand out from the crowd.

If your product is already unique you’ve won half the battle.

  1. Socialize While You Work

Who doesn’t want that?

You can have a job where an essential part of your responsibilities is to talk to the public.

Social media is unquestionably a required part of any company these days. The importance is magnified for eCommerce stores.

Your clients will purchase items online. What better place to reach an accepting audience than ONLINE?


Online marketing plays a huge role in your eventual success. Much of this marketing happens on search engines.

It also happens through business Websites. Having a good website in place will benefit your SEO efforts in keyword searches. Getting your brand out is everything, and this is just another way to do it.

But it’s not only about posting advertisements. You have to connect with the people. Here’s why:


People use social media platforms for interaction. People have an innate desire to connect. Now they’re offered a solution without even leaving their homes.

When you launch marketing campaigns you have to build relationships with your public:

  • Respond to comments and questions
  • Follow them as reciprocation for their support
  • Engage in conversations

People you build relationships with will feel loyal to you and your brand. Loyal customers purchase more and won’t easily support your competition.

Apart from marketing this is also market research. You can learn more about your target audience. Use the information to improve products and service.

Some Pitfalls

Let’s be realistic. No journey will be without a few challenges.

The smart thing to do is to avoid as many as you can.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Here are a few pitfalls other eCommerce dreamers had to deal with. Sidestep them or prepare for them. Your journey can be even better than theirs.

Hating what You Loved

The danger of doing what you love is that you can start dreading it. Your business challenges will now be associated with what you love most in life.

Guard against this by writing down why you love what you do. On days when it becomes too challenging your words can serve as renewed motivation.

No Self Discipline

Not everyone can work from home. Not everyone can be their own boss.

Will you abuse the freedom of working for yourself? If you don’t put all possible effort into an eCommerce site it can fail.

Start off with a comfortable but strict schedule. Plan your days and weeks & keep to the schedules. Having an accountability partner—even if it’s a friend who mentors you—is a smart option.

The Ultimate Perks

If you still need an incentive to start your eCommerce store here are the features you’ll love.

No Driving to Work

Traffic is the curse word of the modern age. You know you hate wasting time on the road.

As an owner of an eCommerce site you don’t have to keep normal office hours. Even if you do you don’t have to drive anywhere. You can do much of it from home.

Even when travelling for business you can plan around peak hour traffic.

It’s Never Boring

The eCommerce arena is still evolving. Every month sees new ways to improve your eCommerce site. The changing algorithms of search engines force you to stay informed about the market.

You’ll never be bored running an eCommerce site because no day will ever be the same.

Sometimes you simply need that last push. For those of us who aren’t impulsive concrete evidence is key. Here you have it. You now have no reason not to trust eCommerce. It’s the utopian dream that became reality. Technology sure took its time to evolve. Now we can enjoy the benefits. Be thankful you were born in an age where this is possible.

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